The Wong Side Of History!


The Wong side of history is steeped in immoral mystery.

Please read on, I’m sure you’ll agree;

How is it that a lying lezzo dim sim,

Who is not manufactured in Aussie trim,

Can ascend our political tree?


And flippity flop like a cat in a wok

‘Bout things unnatural and immoral,

While pointing at us, with confected disgust,

Cause we don’t fit in with her choral


Begone you foreign devil, for in debauchery you revel,

And stain us all with Satan’s mark.

You disgusting bride of shame, it is you who are to blame

For the institute of beastly things, dark.


We can but never prosper while giving redemption to an imposter

Who knows not the reason for Ned Kelly.

But the day is coming tho’ when out on you’re arse you’ll go

When rage ignites in our belly.