You people are morons


Didact has his Monday post up which is his version of the hawt chicks & links, (returning this week by the way). In it he discusses the abominable feminist Captain Marvel movie, you know the film that was supposed to be so absolutely terrible that it was going to drown in a sea of its own feminist tears.

According to Didact it has made a billion dollars.

“Now, credit where it’s due: the movie did make over $1 BILLION at the box office worldwide, so it did, in fact, defy our predictions of flopping and outperformed expectations. So, well done to Marvel Studios and Disney there.”

I mean seriously, what the hell? The makers of this film, the star of this film, are all on record as saying that straight white men are not the audience and they can stay the hell away. Which is in of itself an amazing piece of racist and misandrist discrimination but which gets a free pass due to the fact that we’re on the wrong side. So how on earth did a film based on a comic franchise whose main audience is white males manage to make so much money?

There have been lots of rumors of studio manipulation with this film. One story I read had an interview with a cinema manager in L.A. who couldn’t understand why sold out sessions always had 25 empty seats from people not turning up for tickets that they had paid for. The suggestion was that the film studio had paid for the seats across multiple cinemas so as to boost the film’s ratings. Of course, we will never know the truth.

What was certain was that the people behind the film hate people like us. People who are white, and male, and heterosexual, and given to enjoying stuff like comic books and games. Kind of the entire target audience. But they made no bones about the fact that they hate us and that they didn’t want us to see the film. So we all assumed that it would be a bust. But it wasn’t. So why not?

Because you all went to see the film anyway. You just couldn’t help yourselves. These people openly despise and hate you but you still give them your money. Unbelieveable.

Exhibit A on the ‘I’m a loser who gives my money to people who not only want me dead but who are actively working to destroy the hobbies that I love so much’.

Money quote:

“Why did I decide to go and see the film after all? Well, a couple of my friends wanted to go and see it, and I figured, ah, what the hell, it’s not like my personal boycott was going to make any real difference to the gargantuan box office returns that this film has already received over the past few weeks.”

You stupid loser. You people have no brains, no spine, and no idea. You all talk big but you stand for nothing. You are the most useless cretins that have ever walked the earth. You want to know why we’re in the current social disaster that we find ourselves in? Because of four decades of worthless, spineless, fence sitting droolers like this. You’re all an utter disgrace. If you went to see this film after the lead actress actively taunted you for the color of your skin, for your gender, and for the things that you believe in; if you still went to see this film after that then you deserve everything damn thing that’s coming for you. I have no sympathy for your plight. You complain that can’t find a girl? You can’t even make the right decision about a Goddamn movie when the correct answer is handed to you on a plate. You people are the absolute pits. I am simply dumbfounded by the collective, one billion dollars and counting stupidity that I see before me. How dare you morons undermine everything that we’re fighting for. I seriously hope that if you saw this film that you die in a grease fire.


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