Hitler is an Adjective


Would you kill baby Hitler?

Of course you would, because you are an empathetic and ethical human being who would do what is necessary to prevent the deaths of six million Jews. In fact, if you aren’t prepared to engage in infanticide, then you don’t care about the Jews, and so that makes you practically a murderer, and murder is bad.

After all, all the cool people would kill baby Hitler. You wouldn’t want to be uncool now would you?

So why does it matter so much whether you would kill baby Hitler? It matters immensely because a time is coming when someone will put a gun in your hand and tell you “See that baby? That baby will grow up to be Hitler. Eugenics is evil, therefore, pull the trigger and rid that filthy creature from our society. You aren’t a Nazi are you?”

You see, when they say ‘Hitler’, they aren’t talking about Hitler, because Hitler is dead, and nobody fears the corpses of dead men, except as a sanitation risk. The real historical Hitler shot himself in 1945 after starting a war with three of the most powerful countries in the world at the same time. His armies were anniallated, his capital was raped, his nation was split in four, and his followers were hunted down for decades afterward. So what do they mean when they say Hitler?

When people talk about Hitler in this day and age, they are in most examples referring to the concept of hitler. hitler is an adjective. Just as you or I might describe James Okeefe as a good man or John Podesta as a bad man, so also do our adversaries describe their enemies as hitler.

What is hitler?

hitler is inpatient, hitler is unkind. hitler loves to boast. hitler is proud. hitler dishonours others, hitler is self seeking, hitler is easily angered, and hitler keeps a record of wrongs. hitler does does not delight in the truth, but rejoices in evil. hitler always destroys, always backstabs, always hopes for dead Jews, and always perseveres in immorality.

Who is hitler?

I am hitler. You are hitler. We are all hitler because we do not follow in the way of Karl Marx, who was and is and shall be for evermore.

So when someone asks when it is ok to kill baby hitler, they are asking whether it is ok to kill your children. If you are discussing whether you should kill baby hitler, then you have already tacitly acknowledged that it is moral and virtuous to kill grown up hitler. Right now, Trump is grown up hitler. After they eradicate every hitler in the political sphere, then you and I will become hitler, followed swiftly by our children.

These people campaign for the right to kill their own kids for any reason at any time during their first four trimesters of life. To them, slaughter of the inconveniants is a human right. If that is how they treat their own, what will they do to yours?

This Big Cheese Disney producer of children’s films has kindly given us a clue: