#DisarmUnis: How the Socialist Alternative is aiming to Make Australia Vulnerable Again

Unarmed and exposed. The logo of the Socialist Alternative’s latest venture against the Australian people.


Despite the recent downfall of the Islamic State thanks to military efforts by a range of nations including Australia and the United States, along with renewed hope of denuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula, Australia faces a range of military threats both within our borders and abroad from China such as cyberattacks, increased adventurism against Western interests in Asia, along with Chinese weaponry and technology becoming more sophisticated due to theft. Campus socialists refuse to see this as a problem however, rallying against both Australian military efforts and criticism of China and Chinese people as so called “anti-Chinese racism,” as shown in the image below from the University of Adelaide, emphasis mine. The objective of this article is to expose the goals of these socialists to leave our nation unprotected, and to refute some of their arguments along the way.

From Facebook.

Also, I would like to mention that the fact that they have a position for ethno-cultural officer is highly ironic, given their tendency to oppose the traditional culture of Australia and their support of Marxism, an internationalist ideology which subverts all cultures and ethnicities.

Defence companies, the department of defence and universities across Australia have had a healthy working relationship, working on various systems such as the JORN radar system and the BAE Hawk Jet. In the past year however, a venture led by the Socialist Alternative along with the National Union of Students has set out to derail the partnerships between defence companies and universities, providing misleading information. In an equally idiotic twist, the Disarm Unis campaign also ignores the national security implications of such a move and jeopardises the future careers of some students applying for either military roles in the ADF or civilian defence jobs in groups such as the DST (Defence Science and Technology group), ASC (Australia Submarine Corporation), Lockheed Martin, and others, clearly contradicting their claim to be in support of students. Now on to a deconstruction of their primary argument.

In derailing such partnerships, the Disarm Unis Campaign, headed by none other than the infamous Socialist Alternative, seeks to in their words “sever the relationship between universities and arms dealers.” To support such a position, they often point towards war crimes in Yemen committed by Saudi Arabia. Such an argument, whilst appearing watertight at first glance, can easily be refuted. War crimes committed by individual nations does not mean that the corporation responsible for manufacturing said weapons is responsible for the war crime. Going by the logic which the Socialist Alternative has used in its propaganda, then all vehicle manufacturers should be legally responsible for vehicular homicides, all gun manufacturers should be responsible legally for firearms homicides (which Socialist hero Bernie Sanders is on record disagreeing with) and so forth. The argument placed by the Socialist Alternative in this example here is not an argument but in fact a blatant logical fallacy called the slippery slope argument. As such, a majority of the material released by the Socialist Alternative relating to this topic does not constitute a proper argument, but can one expect better from the Socialist Alternative? I figured not.

A legitimate argument? This is in fact an example of yet another logical fallacy being used by the Socialist Alternative. Sourced from Facebook.
Being guardians of the ultimate fallacy, Marxism, the Socialist Alternative is all too willing to use other fallacies to build its arguments. Sourced from: Facebook.

In terms of national security, the removal of such partnerships also damages our standing within our local region and around the world. Our local rivals in terms of national security such as China and others are rapidly militarising themselves with China developing rail guns, creating artificial islands and pouring money into its space capabilities with a recent lunar mission. By severing ties between defence and universities, Australia’s own defence capabilities could be severely hampered, which would inevitably lead towards increased Chinese adventurism in our region due to the fact that their defence spending outpaces ours.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of this is the typical censorship of the left against legitimate criticism of Chinese threats to Australian national security, as they label such statements as “anti-Chinese racism” and “racist fear-mongering.” Such censorship of discussion about legitimate Chinese threats to Australian society and interests illustrates that at best the Socialist Alternative is ignorant of the scale of the Chinese threat, both in terms of government action and individuals, and at worst being unwilling or otherwise agents of the Chinese Communist Party, effectively Lenin’s useful idiots of the 21st century.

According to the Socialist Alternative, this, along with other criticism of Chinese people and the Chinese government, is racist. Sourced from: Business Insider.

Whether or not you are in a university, I urge you to oppose the #DisarmUnis Campaign by any legal means necessary in the interests of national security and opposing socialism. Exercise your right to freedom of speech by creating articles on social media and blogs, posters and flyers disputing the claims given by the Disarm Campaign and demonstrating how their entire argument is effectively a slippery slope argument. Exercise your freedom of assembly to counter protest against the protests of the Disarm Campaign. For the good of our nation and its citizens, we must oppose the Disarm Campaign’s attempts in sabotaging our defence capabilities and research in any possible way.

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