Book review – SJWs Always Double Down


There is a striking paradox in the systematic behavior of SJWs as they ruthlessly take down an organization through years of patient and calculated manipulative attacks, when juxtaposed with their obvious ignorance, ineptitude, and teenage temper tantrums when an event such as the Kavanaugh nomination plays out across our screens.

How is it possible that individuals who are barely able to tie their own shoelaces in the morning lest they have to deal with the angst of shoelace cultural appropriation, are able to brilliantly subvert and destroy venerable institutions that have stood the test of time, as well as ruthlessly take down and destroy high profile and powerful individuals?

The answer is in the hive mind collective that is a central function of the SJW world. These people have been indoctrinated since the beginning of their school years, a process which is cruelly accelerated once they begin paying for university, while a growing number of them are indoctrinated online. A bee is not that smart, but even a bee can find a flower, take the pollen, and then make its way back to the hive. It has one job and it will do that one job over and over and over again until it ceases to be.

So too with SJWs. And unlike a bee they will continue to sting until they are destroyed. How to survive such an attack when the swarm is upon you is far from easy. The attack on the surface makes no sense in of itself. Logic has no bearing on the outcome. Appeals to reason only embolden the attackers. Picture a mighty grizzly bear being taken down by a mass of fire ants; destroyed by a million small stings, his mighty jaws and claws rendering him powerless to his attackers.

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SJWs always Double Down, (SJWsDD), is Vox Day’s successor to his hugely successful SJWs Always Lie. The first book laid out in clear terms the inner workings of the SJW mindset and the processes which they habitually follow as they consume their way through the cultural fabric of Western civilization. I myself was first attacked by them way back in 2010 on my old gaming blog, an attack where I first encountered the use of the term, ‘privilege’ as utilized in the current SJW attack handbook but before it was widely known. But whereas the first book examined SJWs’ effects on the individual, this new book is more focused on the wider implications of their attacks.

SJWsDD provides context and counterpoint for these attacks through numerous examples, from the very individual of chapter 1 to the worldwide stage of the 2016 US election in chapter 2, while the third chapter goes into detail using the same events to examine exactly how SJWs defend their narrative at all costs, no matter how obviously irrational to the casual observer. Because after all, SJWs always double down.

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Chapter 4, convergence and the corporation, is particularly relevant at this time when considering the very recent implosion of the Linux open source project due to the imposition of a code of conduct, a standard SJW tool for imposing their doctrines on the host while they parasitically hollow out the remaining value. Linux had survived intact for a very long time due to the benevolent dictatorship of its founder Linus Torvalds. He was impervious to the relentless SJW pressure until it emerged that they got him through the backdoor, namely his family. It turns out that his young adult daughter is very much into intersectional feminism.

In chapter 5 Vox Day lays out the SJW convergence sequence that they utilize against institutions using numerous examples for each stage. This has been followed to the letter in the Linux event as Day points out on his own blog:

“Stage One infiltration, Stage Two reinforcement, Stage Three seize the high ground and that’s what we’ve seen, the Linux Foundation is largely under the control of SJWs. Stage Four push for inclusivity, we’ve seen that. Stage Five target the dissidents, Linux is targeting the dissidents, they targeted Linus Torvalds and they have just targeted Ted Ts’o, I believe. It is Stage Six expel the infidels, that’s what they’re in the process of doing now.”

Stage Seven Milk the cow and Stage Eight evade the blame will no doubt be forthcoming in the case of Linux.

The next chapters were for me the most interesting. The 6th chapter explains standard SJW tactics utilizing Aristotelian rhetoric, specifically the thirteen fallacies. I am not as familiar with these as I should be, so their inclusion and explanation in such an important modern context by Day is simply invaluable if like me you struggle a little bit with unfamiliar but important classical idioms. In a clear and simple manner he explains the six classic word games identified by Aristotle as well as the seven logical fallacies.

As well as these he identifies scores of individual and organizational SJW tactics as well as examining an actual SJW infiltration, presciently that of a Linux open source programmer.

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His psychological examination and explanation of the SJW mindset in chapter 7 is a welcome addition that was sorely needed in the first book but unfortunately outside of its scope. If you know the way that your enemy thinks and then comprehend that SJWs always project then you will hopefully always be several steps in front of your enemies. Included is an in-depth breakdown of Day’s own model of the socio-sexual hierarchy with particular attention paid to the Gamma seeing as that is the most prevalent behavior pattern exhibited by SJW males. Knowing that it is crucial for men to accurately identify their current place in the hierarchy if they are to improve and change, and aware that men will delude themselves into believing that they are all Alphas and Sigmas so as to avoid unpleasant realities, Day includes steps that men must take so as to transition past these behavioral roadblocks.

The next chapter examines Gamergate, an event in which I was involved to some extent, and concludes with hard lessons learned during that particular conflict. The book concludes with a template on how to build SJW-free organizations and what must be done to keep them impervious to future attack.

I was initially skeptical when this book came out as I didn’t think that much could be realistically added to that which had already been laid down in the first book of the series. Thankfully on this count I was completely wrong. This book is even more valuable than its predecessor as it shows how SJWs act on a large scale. It is no good being personally invulnerable to SJW attacks if your employer, your church, your club, or your community are destroyed around you.

I now wait with great anticipation for the third book in the series, SJWs Always Project.

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