Serena Williams gets out-diversitied at US Open Final


Cheating is cheating is cheating…

“Patrick Mouratoglou admitted to coaching Serena Williams during the U.S. Open final, but believes she never received his message.”

…is cheating is cheating.

Serena Williams is used to being able to get away with unsportsmanlike behaviour on the tennis court because her identity as a member Verified Victim Group gives her privilege. However, in the US Open Final she faced an opponent from a higher ranked Verified Victim Group, and abruptly found out what it is like to have normal rules of human decency applied to her.  She reacted like this:

Unfortunately for Serena…

From l’union suite:

“Naomi Osaka is an 18-year-old tennis player from Japan. Osaka was born in Osaka, Japan’s second city, to a Haitian father and Japanese mother. When Naomi was three, her family moved to New York to be close to her dad’s family. Naomi currently lives and trains predominantly in Florida with her father, though she also spends some time in Japan with coaches from the Japanese Tennis Association.

“When she began to develop into a top-rate tennis player a few years ago, her father, Leonard Francois, chose the Japanese Tennis Association over the United States Tennis Association because of Naomi’s dual passport. She’s played under the Japanese flag ever since and is one of the country’s most highly touted rising stars but she barely speaks the language.”

From Instagram.

From USAtoday:

“I can understand way more Japanese than I can speak,” Osaka tells USA TODAY Sports in an interview. “And when I go to Japan people are confused. From my name, they don’t expect to see a black girl.” …

“It’s interesting… I feel there’s not really anybody like me.”

Serena didn’t stand a chance.

I dindu nuffin.

The globalists have recently opened up a new front in the global war to deracinate most of the planet, and Japan is their new target.

From netshark.

Don’t expect it to have any immediate effect on the Japanese. Their word for foreigner – gaijin – is still “foreign devil.” But the left never stop, and their PsyOp against the Japs will be inexorable unless we stop the globalists first.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the schadenfreude of watching Serena Williams unable to appeal to racism (Portuguese umpire, aforementioned African-Haitian-Japanese opponent) or sexism (her opponent was a woman) to deflect from the fact that she is a thoroughly obnoxious member of the 1%.

Never forget, if you foster a world where wealth and prestige is transfered from the productive to the unproductive based on arbitrary distinctions between the “privileged” and the “underprivileged”, one day, someone will take away everything you have, because of your identity, and there will not be a single thing you can do about it.

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by Doha Stadium Plus