Poll Result: 11% of people think Sherry Sufi could be an Eskimo


As postmodernism has conclusively demonstrated, objective moral standards do not exist, “facts” are patriarchal, and an Eskimo can come on in, drink a VB and call themselves an Aussie, because borders caused the holocaust.

Who know what anybody is any more. Does it even matter? Especially as we need to keep importing people with high IQ’s who share our values into Australia so that somebody will vote for the Liberal Party, because all the white men are soyboys and white women are THOTs, and they all vote Greens so we’ll have to replace them with based Asians.

Anyway, it is quite possible that this guy is an Eskimo-Australian:


11 per cent of people can’t be wrong.

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This Eskimo-Australian has said things like this:

“Notwithstanding the Australia that ­Anning may wish for, we can never return to the White Australia policy because there never really was one.”

It is understandable that someone such as Sherry Sufi would use his position as head of the WA Liberal Party policy committee to set himself up as the man who can use his ethnicity as a shield to advocate for white interests while looking after the interests of his own ethnicity, ie, support immigration restrictions while ensuring we don’t go full ethno-nationalist. The XYZ fully supports in-group preference.

Also, he probably doesn’t want to lose access to sit-down dunnies:

Tundra photo

It’s your XYZ.