SJW’s started this fight; it’s up to us to finish it

Jessica Price, SJW. From Twitter.

Last week a female SJW game designer named Jessica Price had a meltdown on Twitter where she ranted at a fan. Shockingly she lost her job as a result. It’s shocking because it looks like the tables have finally begun to turn in the video game industry, an industry that was well on its way to complete SJW subversion before the spontaneous customer rebellion that was #GamerGate.

My old comrade at arms on the gaming blogging front, The Greedy Goblin himself, had a few words to say on the subject.

“I’m afraid we are the victim of the same blindness when we attribute the firing of Jessica to her own actions. The truth is that her actions angered “us” (gamers, gaming community, redditors, Gamergaters, whatnot) but that alone means nothing else than us being angry. We are also angry on many people we can’t fire. But Jessica could be fired, because their company did not want to mess with “us”.

So the SJWs are finally getting a taste of their own medicine. Reason to celebrate, right? Not so fast. According to Gevlon this is all bad.

“Despite I strongly disagree with everything Jessica stands for, I am unhappy with this turn of events. I know that while the feminist-antiracist-SJW gang held power over the gaming industry, they got fired many good and innocent guys, like the Subnautica sound dev whose only crime was a lighthearted “Attack Helicopter gender” joke and some modest conservative statements that you can hear on mainstream TV. But now that the tables turned with the election of Trump and KC:D success and #walkaway and everything – now that “we” are the top dogs – I absolutely don’t want us to become them. I hate SJWs exactly for trying to bully and silence instead of discuss. I don’t want us to silence and bully anyone, I want us to discuss and reason with people who disagree with us. I would try to reason and argue even with Anita Sarkeesian, despite I’m fully aware that she would silence and ban and fire me if she could. I don’t see that as an excuse to silence, ban or personally destroy her, because I’m better than her and most importantly, I want to build a better world than her, one that is based on peaceful discussion instead of “the momentarily stronger kills the weaker”.

Oh please.

Gevlon is the Sheldon Cooper of video game blogging. He doesn’t feel normal emotions like the rest of us. He observes humanity through some sort of nebulous Petri dish somewhere in Hungary. When I participated with him in some of his outrageously fun and inventive WoW projects he had a unwavering rule of no voice chat. He said that this was so as to not help morons and slackers, but we suspected that it was really because he was afraid that we would mock his silly Hungarian accent.

He is also quite conservative and has excellent viewpoints on economics among other topics. But his moral posturing on the tiresome cliche of not stooping to the level of our enemies is just completely wrong.

When the Allies ground Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan into dust they weren’t stooping to their level. They were getting the job done and were making damn sure that it stayed done. Cuckservatives have been trotting out the “not stoop to their level” line for decades now and the end result has been an almost complete victory for the left in the culture wars. So now that we have finally pushed back to a point where the SJWs’ own tactics are being used against them, once again we hear the siren call that inflicting the same punishment on them that has been meted out to our side, a punishment tactic by the way that the SJWs themselves came up with, is a bad thing because we would be stooping to their level!

Everyone wave around their arms in the air and repeat it with me – we’re stooping to their level!

No, we’re not. You don’t become your enemy by using their own tactics against them. What you do is you beat them. And defeating people is a rough, cruel and brutal process. But if you’re going to show up for a fight then you had better make damn sure that the fight isn’t fair and that the odds of victory are on your side. That’s what winning is all about. Silence and bully them? That’s just the fucking start, mate. I want to see them destroyed. I want to see them cowering in the gutter as we pass by in our carriages. You don’t reason with these people for they are by default unreasonable. There is no dialogue to open, there is no common ground to find, there are no discussion points upon which we can agree. They are the Morlocks and we are their sworn enemies.

And as for building a better world, please don’t make me choke on my caviar. There is no better world. People today are motivated by the exact same base instincts as everyone who has ever walked upon this earth since we crawled out of the Primordial slime.

Our sworn enemies the SJWs operate on the basis of building a better world. That’s how we got into this fight to begin with. So stop with the better world building. Just mind your Ps and Qs, mind your own business, keep your head down, and destroy every SJW that is unfortunate enough to cross your path.