Yes, Taxation IS Theft, deal with it

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Last year I made a video entitled Taxation is Theft. It wasn’t the first time anyone had made a video with this title but I made it anyway because Taxation is indeed theft and people need to realise it. They need to accept it’s truth and the fact that it will always be the truth. Taxation is theft, taxation will always be theft, taxation can never not be theft and theft is always evil no matter who is stealing.

Hate to break it to some, others will be nodding their head thinking “yeah, it’s true, taxation is bloody theft.” To those who already agree hopefully you will find this article entertaining and informative nonetheless. To those who disagree feel free to read on and maybe I can change your mind, all I ask is that you give me a chance, if not you would have at least heard an argument that is not your own. You will have expanded your mind and you may find a way to argue against the assertion. Please try to change my mind.

To those on the fence may you find the arguments ahead strong or you may not. Again, I hope you will at least find my article entertaining and informative whether you ultimately agree with me or not.

On to the argument.

We must first start with the definitions of both taxation and

By taxation I mean the forced confiscation of your wealth by the state, whether it’s your income, or through taxation on mandatory purchases such as food, water and shelter. For example, the GST. You could add in most ‘duties’ and ‘sin taxes’ if you choose but it’s not needed for the purposes of this discussion.

By theft I mean the legal definition of theft, that is the taking of one’s property without their consent. As the feminazi’s love to remind us, a lack of resistance does not mean explicit consent. No means no and even if you may have consented before, you reserve the right to remove consent at any time.

When the state taxes you it is confiscating your wealth without your explicit consent. That means it is taking your property against your will, that means it is stealing from you. That means taxation is theft.

Extortion is using force, intimidation or undue power to take an individual’s property. Taxation is threatening force to take your money without your consent. That means taxation is extortion, which means taxation is theft.

If you don’t think taxation is threatening force, please try not paying it for a year or two and let us all know what happens. I have a hunch they’d impose large fines on you, freeze your assets, then ultimately imprison you if you continually refused to pay, but who knows.

The most common argument against the fact that taxation is theft goes along the lines of “it’s not theft, you fool, it’s the price you pay for living in a civilised society.” This is a silly argument made by brainwashed slaves and cretins. The price we pay for living in a civilised society is our labour, our ideas, our production and our contribution to society as a whole. That is the price we pay, not the forced confiscation of our money through the power of the gun.

At which point I’ll remind everyone they took away our guns, but that’s another discussion.

The second most common argument is “you signed a social contract,” to which I respond by laughing and asking two very simple questions. What do you think the man who coined the term “social contract,” John Locke, would say about the immoral use of force by the state, and where’s this contract I signed?

Another argument is “yeah but there’s nothing we can do about it.” This is wrong, there is certainly something we can do about it, we can let everyone know that taxation is theft. We can let everyone know that taxation will always be theft.

People need to know the truth, people deserve to know the truth, so gift people with true knowledge. Teach them the true nature of the state, and by the state I mean the government. All government, in all nations, in all states around the world, it is all the same. They use force to subjugate us then extort wealth from us. This is the truth, these are the facts and deep down we all know it, we’ve just forgotten.

Remind people that there are universal moral values and that it is always immoral to steal. Always, there is never a time when it is not. Yes, there are situations where it is less immoral and when it is more immoral but it is always immoral.

It is never morally right for everyone to steal, it is never morally right for one person to steal and most of all it is never morally right for the government to steal. Arguing the majority say it’s OK is foolish; if you are in a room with 2 other people and they vote to rape you, does that make rape OK?

“Ah, so you’re an anarchist then”, I hear you say, “you don’t want there to be any state at all!” No, this is not what I said, my argument is not that there should be no state at all, my argument is that we are all confined to the same moral laws. That includes the imaginary entity known as “the state.” When a person steals from another person, that hurts society. It creates distrust, and it create resentment and ill-will towards our fellow individuals. Our fellow human beings. Our fellow Australians.

Injustice affects all society, no matter how small. There are numerous examples, think of relationships broken through theft, think of businesses broken through fraud, think about it in a truly honest fashion.

When immorality is everywhere, the suffering is ultimately that much worse. We may not feel it right now, but we would not be the first society to suffer at the hands of the immorality of those who came before us. The Great Roman Empire collapsed through excessive taxation and welfare, matched by the natural laziness and apathy it creates. Chinese governments have a long history of expansion and collapse.

Who would argue that murder doesn’t destroy societies? That’s universally immoral too, just like theft.

There will always be a need for a body that mediates disputes, punishes criminals who violate truly universal moral laws and defends those within it’s borders from physical harm, including those who cannot help themselves. There is no rule that says deference to this body cannot be voluntary, nor does this body get to avoid moral laws simply because it says so.

The problem we face as a society is that we have only ever known taxation as reality. We have only ever known a government that violates universal laws. We have only ever known a government that extorts money from its populous for the purposes of buying power through votes.

Just as a government bombing sovereign nations, sometimes even the civilians within it, destroys those nations and the lives within it. So a government that steals from it’s populous for the purposes of “helping” others ultimately destroys the lives of those it attempts “help.”

“There are two certainties in life, death and taxes,” as the famous quote goes. But why? Why is taxation certain?

I say it’s not, I say it’s time to hold our governments to the same standards we hold each other. If it’s not OK for us to steal, it’s not OK for them.

“The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor” (1773) by Nathaniel Currier, 1846. From Wikipedia.

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