The SJW’s are right: Barbies and fire trucks do reinforce traditional gender roles

That one on the right is the SJW..

The suicide rate for people who have undergone so-called “gender reassignment surgery” is just a little bit scary, but what rally makes me shudder is the murder-suicide rate we’re going to see in Victoria in 10-years time:

“Winnie-the-Pooh books, Barbie dolls, and superhero play are among things children could be banned from after a radical study on ‘gender stereotyping’.

“A number of Victorian councils will respond to the study by Australian National University, which found educators should avoid using the terms ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ and classifying children according to gender.

“The study means Melbourne schools, kindergartens and libraries could be without children’s classics such as Thomas the Tank Engine, which wouldn’t pass the guidelines, Herald Sun reported.”

Why have I made the link between potential murder suicides due to kids on hormone blockers and this edict from the appropriately named ANU? Because it is a trap which goes like this:

  • Little Johnny should be forced to play with a Barbie doll so as to subvert traditional gender roles, because rape culture.
  • Oh look, little Johnny is playing with Barbie dolls and now he wants to try on a tutu for fun.
  • Because little Johnny is exhibiting behaviour traditionally associated with the opposite sex, we have to cut his penis off and turn him into a girl because clearly that is what he wants.

The left’s insistence on challenging traditional gender roles suddenly disappears when explaining why someone needs to have a sex change. It is a complete set-up, and even the Wiggles are in on it:

Have a read of the following paragraphs – your taxes at work:

“The research found ‘prejudice along race and gender lines can be observed’ in children as young as three-years-old.

“Girls who played with ‘feminised characters’, such as Barbie dolls, had fewer career options, while those who engaged with Disney princess toys had more female-stereotypical views.

“Meanwhile, boys who watched superhero shows were more gender stereotyped in their thinking, the study found.”

Our stolen money paid for someone to tell us that girls who play with dolls are more likely to conform to traditional female archetypes.

I want you to read the following sentence very carefully:

That is what they are supposed to do.

The crazy cat ladies and soyboys are right. Boys playing with toy trucks reinforces traditional male behaviour, just as girls playing with dolls encourages them to think about being mothers when they grow up.

And that is the whole point.

Boys kick the football because they are boys and girls wear pink because they are girls. And we want boys to kick the football precisely because they are boys and we want girls to wear pink precisely because they are girls.

It is natural, healthy and good. Traditional gender roles, traditional family roles, traditional hierarchy structures exist in society because they are a direct result of perfectly normal human behaviour. They serve to reinforce that perfectly normal human behaviour, which means we can reproduce and nurture the next generation, and in short, continue to exist.

But Cultural Marxists have deliberately pathologised perfectly normal human behaviour, they have demonised the traditional roles of the two sexes, because they do not want us to continue to exist.  They want to sweep away every vestige of Western civilisation in order to bring about socialism.  To achieve this, the family and traditional gender roles must go.

We must go.

We must throw this child abuse, this Satanic, genocidal nonsense back in the faces of these creeps.  We need women to stay home and have babies and we need to give men the respect and honour at the head of their families, as the rightful leaders of Western civilisation itself, so it is worth our while to have babies.  That is why taditional gender roles exist: To secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

As for the “researchers”, those people are going to hell.

Photo by jmargandar