Sarah Hanson-Young is ignorant of Australia’s history


Sarah Hanson-Young is a communist who hates Australia and everything it stands for. Like all communists, she is also wilfully ignorant of history:

Sarah Hanson-Young claims she did not check a statement her office sent out which inaccurately claimed that Australia Day marked the date Captain James Cook sailed into Botany Bay.

In a press release accusing Communications Minister Mitch Fifield of ignorance for being unable to name the traditional owners of Botany Bay, Senator Hanson-Young incorrectly linked Australia Day with Captain Cook’s arrival on April 29, 1770.

SJW’s always project.

Australia Day commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Port Jackson in 1788, and the raising of the British flag by Governor Arthur Phillip at Sydney Cove.

“Despite an important national debate about changing the date of Australia Day away from Captain Cook’s landing at Botany Bay, the government has decided to spend taxpayer money it is stripping from the ABC on yet another monument to Captain Cook on the land of the Dharawal people,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

“The Liberal government is waging a culture war against not only the ABC, but both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in our community who speak out against the divisive commemoration of the colonialism that caused the 200 years of displacement and pain to our First Peoples.”

From time to time communists accidentally let the truth slip out amidst their habitual lying. Senator Two Dads just told us that she sees the ABC as an integral part of the left’s Culture War against Australia.

In response to media reports, Senator Hanson-Young re-issued the statement and allowed one of her staff members to take the blame for the blunder.

“Despite an important national debate about changing the date of Australia Day away from the First Fleet’s landing, the Government has decided to strip funding from the ABC to spend it on yet another monument to colonialism, on the land of the Dharawal people,” the new statement said.

A spokeswoman for Senator Hanson-Young confirmed that the Senator had not read the press release before it was sent out, taking full responsibility for the mistake.

It is a beautiful sequence of events, and I am heartily enjoying the embarrassment it has caused The Hyphen. But it is also a case of The Left Never Stops. The memorial itself is actually a complete cop out on the part of the Australian government to pressure from political correctness activists using aborigines as a pretext to destroy the legacy of Great Britain to Australia.

From the Australian, April 28:

A permanent aquatic monument celebrating Captain Cook’s first extended ­encounter between European and indigenous cultures will be built in Botany Bay as part of a landmark $50 million redevelopment of Sydney’s Meeting Place Precinct.

Scott Morrison will today announce a major upgrade of the Captain James Cook memorial, funding a new visitors centre, cafe, exhibition space and ferry wharves at La Perouse and ­Kurnell. Mr Morrison, whose electorate of Cook includes the precinct, told The Weekend Australian that the expansion would deliver a “place of commemoration and recognition and understanding of two cultures, and the incredible Captain Cook”.

That language is all too suspicious. Read on, and you get this guff:

“It is when that next chapter of Australia’s ancient story began being written and that’s the most modern part of that story … it’s taken us to the incredible country we are today…

“It’s important these things aren’t ignored or relegated, that they’re acknowledged for their significance. We can do that in a way today which is very sensitive to the many other parts of this story. You don’t have to go back and change things that were written in the past….

“The way we intend to implement it would be in a sensitive way but one that in no way stepped back from acknowledging the nat­ional significance of that day ­almost 250 years ago.”

A meeting of cultures? The next chapter of the Australian story? Sensitive? Incredible?

And have you seen the artists’ impression of the proposed building? It looks more South Pacific than aboriginal, but I guess they couldn’t really put a handful of sticks around a tree and get everybody to hop in..

From the Australian.

The new monument and the memorial being planned is a complete capitulation to the left. It is how the slippery slope works. They vandalise statues of Captain Cook, cuckservatives get to look reasonable by building a new monument which is “sensitive” to other sides of the story, and just like that, the left have a beach head. Crazy Sarah’s response to the plans show that the left is against any kind of nationalism, civic or ethnic, it is against any acknowledgement that the British coming to Australia was the best thing that ever happened to this continent.

If we are going to build a new monument to Captain Cook, we need to tell the left to get stuffed, and all it will need is a simple plaque that says the following:

“On April 29, 1770, Captain James Cook discovered Australia.”

Photo by RubyGoes