Is Cultural Marxism a “far-right” conspiracy theory? Responding to Three Arrows


Since the internet has allowed knowing about Cultural Marxism to become widespread, its gatekeepers have done their best to suppress speech regarding Cultural Marxism and spread the myth that it is just a “far-right” conspiracy theory.

Indeed this video by Matty’s Modern Life, which debunks an attempt by communist YouTuber Three Arrows to portray it as such, was put into restricted mode by YouTube for several days.

Matty defines Cultural Marxism; he explains its origins in the Frankfurt School of the 1930’s, whose adherents fled to America to escape the national socialists and thus spread their cancer to American universities; how Cultural Marxist ideas were expanded by the postmodernists of the 1960’s and 70’s; and how it infests every branch of “progressive” “academia” today.

Matty also exposes the straw men Three Arrows attacks and demonstrates that Three Arrows does not understand the topic. As Three Arrows admits, philosophy is not his strong point.

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