Poll Result: 90% of Australians think children should not be allowed at Mardi Gras


In a poll which tallied nearly 5000 votes, 90% of respondents to The XYZ’s latest Viewer Poll opposed children being allowed at Mardi Gras. Or to put this another way, most sensible Australians think that taking a child along to an open air orgy is probably not a good idea.

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There has been some discussion with libertarians on this subject, who make the argument that people should be free to choose, and to attempt to ban things falls into the leftist trap.

My response is that this is a different issue to something like allowing responsible adults to take drugs. Age restrictions exist for a reason, and they exist with regard to the sexually explicit in order to avoid sexualisation of children until a time that they are more mature. Given that Mardi Gras is an event designed specifically to flaunt sexuality, I think it is appropriate for age restrictions to apply.

Photo by torbakhopper