How to Talk to Leftists on Australia Day


[This article was originally published on January 16, 2017.]

Yes, it’s that time of year. Christmas and New Year breaks are gone and our local lefties are looking forward to the next festive occasion on their calendar: Ruining Australia Day.

To most of us, Australia Day is a wonderful time to pull out the BBQ, invite a few friends over and enjoy the late January weather with some scorched meat and chilled beverages.

To the majority of the population, regardless of your background, it’s a nice day to relax and appreciate what we have in this fine southern land.

Of course, such simple joys cannot be allowed to stand in the land of the leftist killjoy.

Your average leftie likes to pretend that they hate the celebration of our nation’s birth, but I suspect that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Much like ANZAC day, on Australia Day the leftists living amongst us love taking the opportunity to try to ruin everyone else’s fun whilst preening to each other in competitive masturbatory displays of self-righteousness.

Nothing pleases the troglodytic, mouth-breathing, snobbish, sanctimonious gutter-snipes that make up the modern progressive elite more than taking a day of patriotic pride and warping it into a black-armband celebration of their own twisted worldview.

In the lead-up to January 26, inner-city Melburnians and Sydneysiders make a great show of getting weepy-eyed for an Aboriginal culture they know nothing about, have never seen and live thousands of kilometres away from.

One would think that people so vocal about the welfare of a specific demographic would be out in the communities where that group lives, selflessly doing charity work or at the very least donating a portion of their income to that group’s well-being.

But of course they aren’t.

Although I doubt many of them would even admit it to themselves, they don’t give a damn about the well-being of Aboriginal Australia.

What they care about passionately and wholeheartedly is denigrating, and ultimately destroying, the Australia created by the Anglo-Celtic settlers that took a sparsely-inhabited dustbowl and turned it into one of the world’s most prosperous countries within a few generations.

About the only thing they seem to enjoy more than attacking the legitimacy of the culture that created the comfort they enjoy, is attacking the demographic group that created that culture.

You can see it in Fremantle Council’s attempt to move the day.

You can see it in the tedious virtue-signalling of inner-city “Sorry” marches.

You can see it in the inevitable articles in the mainstream press attacking the establishment of Australia and professing shame that we even exist.

You can even see it in the recent lamb advertisement from the Meat and Livestock Association, which lauds the contribution of every demographic group to come to Australia aside from Anglo-Celts (whom it ridicules).

The last is perhaps most striking; there is only one community that is indispensable to Australia being the flourishing, well-off, prosperous nation it is today, and that is the one community you are free to pour scorn on during the day set aside for celebrating all that community has achieved.

If every Aboriginal person had died ten years before the first white man set foot on this landmass, then bar a few place-names, Australia would be more or less identical to today.

If any of the non-Anglo-Celtic ethnic groups who have made Australia home since British settlement had stayed in their motherlands, we would be poorer in cuisine but very little else.

Is it not reasonable to have one day to celebrate the country we now all live in without belittling the one group that made it possible in the first place?

To the left, the answer is obvious.

To the well-educated, mindless drones that infest our institutions, wrapped in their unearned sense of superiority while sneering at the plebs below them who make their existence possible, there is no greater joy than finding something that ordinary people like and crapping all over it.

If, by unhappy chance, you happen to be in the presence of one of these noxious and noisome toads on our national day when they begin to bleat the imbecilities that their university lecturers taught them with eyes half-closed, nose pointed to the heavens and possibly a finger in the air, I ask you to resist the natural urge to punch them in the face (after all, they may be a family member).

Instead ask them: if Australia is such an illegitimate country built on stolen land, why do they continue to reside here?

Then inform them that they are free to leave for a non-stolen country at any time, and offer to drive them to the airport.

If they take you up on your offer it is the very definition of a win-win. Australia will be a slightly better place for their absence, and they will no longer be wracked by the guilt they so obviously feel while beginning their new life elsewhere.

If they refuse your offer there is a chance, however slight, that they might shut up for a while, which is also a victory in its way.

In any case, from me and everyone at XYZ, have a happy Australia Day!

And maybe, just maybe, this year is the year to trade in the lamb for some pork on your fork.