Quote of the Day: The most debilitating impairment is leftism


I have very recently read a very good book, Enjoy the Decline by Aaron Clarey. Aaron Clarey writes over at Captain Capitalism, and he has a business, Asshole Consulting. Enjoy the Decline is being advertised on The XYZ, and if the concept and the book appeal to you, you can click on the dirty great big link on the right hand side – you can’t miss it – which will take you through to the Amazon store. A small percentage of every sale goes towards The XYZ’s helicopter fund.

I will write a fuller review in the coming days, but I would like to leave a tidbit (page 201) here, which also makes Quote of the Day:

“If you think about human life, though finite, its potential is unlimited. Given a conducive environment, we can do great things, live great lives, and leave a legacy for future generations. So the worst thing that can happen to us is if we somehow get impaired and are no longer capable of achieving our potential. Normally, we think about this in terms of a physical or mental impairment, but we can also be impaired ideologically. And the most debilitating ideological impairment or disease a person can get is leftism.”

I take away two things from this on a personal level. Firstly one of my biggest motivations for leading The XYZ is a determination to destroy the system which impaired a number of my younger years by inflicting needless guilt for simply being who I am – a straight white male. Once I worked past the brainwashing, I was able to achieve impressive things, but it has left a desire in me to make the left pay.

Thankfully, what I have realised, and what Clarey goes into some depth on, is that all I have to do to make the left pay is to be who I am and to do so unapologetically, and enjoy what I enjoy. Inner-city hipsters roll their eyes at my love for football, cricket and Formula 1, lesbian feminist musicians cringe when I tell them I worked out all the modes on guitar because I like classic 80’s rock, and vegetarians just shrug when I mention that I ate steak, sausages and bacon all on the same day. More importantly, these things bring me great joy in and of themselves.

And it drives the left nuts, because they don’t want me to derive any joy from these things.

I’ll leave the last word with Aaron (page 185-186):

Don’t bother me, soyboy.

“Though not consciously overt, there is a drive or a desire, largely driven by cultural leftists, to replace what is considered “good” or “quality” with anything that is “new” or “different.” To replace what is considered “traditional American culture” with “post-modernism.” Or to put it more bluntly, to replace excellence with crap. The reason for this is laziness. Since leftists can never achieve the accomplishments and successes of their predecessors (or better put, they choose not to) they attempt to redefine what is “quality” and what is “excellence.” And thus you get cultural decay..

“..not only is the leftist forced to forfeit their individuality and live a lie, they are forced to “enjoy” an inferior cultural life.”

It’s your XYZ.