FAQ 13: The Last Jedi: The worst Star Wars ever


David Hiscox, David Hilton and Matty’s Modern Life discuss why The Last Jedi, also known as Soy Wars, SJW Wars, or just The Last Star Wars, is the worst in the franchise’s history.

On the surface, it is hopelessly infected with SJW Brain AIDS. This leads into a discussion about how Star Wars has always used what apparently is a pro-Western medium to propagate a socialist message.

We segue regularly into parallels with current events in the real world, as well as with other works of Western literature.

Whather you see Star Wars as something which used to reinforce European identity and values or whether it has always been a Trojan Horse used to subvert them, the makers of the new film clearly are attempting to not only destroy the identity of straight white males, but our mythology as well.

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