LIVE FROM SEG – Stop the Hate and Separate

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The following exchange between based Alt Right Political Prisoner Christopher Cantwell and based Volunteer Consultant @ US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Jared Howe is taken from episode 24 of LIVE FROM SEG

Jared Howe: We are defending ourselves and saying, “White people have a right to exist. White people have a right to exclude non-Whites from property they own,” and they are calling us “terrorists”. They are saying that “We have an obligation to include them.” They are apparently “entitled” to the access of White people.

It’s bullsh-t! Its complete Orwellian nonsense, and they think they are revolutionaries on the right side of things. No, you’re foot-soldiers and shock troops of the Deep State…

Our ideas, our speech, are literally violence and murder, while their violence and murder are just ‘Free Speech’.

In a world that wasn’t a clown world, these people would be executed, exiled, dropped in the ocean out of a helicopter. It doesn’t make sense that we let them have suffrage, it doesn’t make sense that we let them live in our countries, let alone share a system of government with them.

Why do we even let them stay here? They are a threat to the public. They are a threat to us. They are a threat to our future. We can’t even define defending ourselves as anything other than terrorism, and they want us thrown in jail for that too!

Christopher Cantwell: At the end of the day, whether anybody likes it or not, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to live this way, I’m really more than okay with that! But we have to live separately. We cannot share a system of government, if you want to classify my speech as violence and your violence as speech.

We cannot share the same system of laws then. I have to live on one side of a border and you have to live on the other side of the border, and we have to have separate systems of government at that point because our laws and ways of life are completely incompatible with one another.

That is the only way for us to live in peace, and if you compel us to live under the same system of government as you, then that will result in violent conflicts (and there’s nothing I can do to prevent those violent conflicts if you make that insistence; it’s your decision).

We need separation and I don’t care where the lines are drawn anymore. Let us have a place to live, that we can have our wicked White patriarchal values separate from you, and if you think they’re so terrible, then you stay on your side of the border with your diversity and leave us the f-ck alone!

I think if you do that then we’ll be fine, I’m very confident of that. I think you people will all kill yourselves, but I don’t care! I’ll let you do what you want to do and allow you to undergo the discipline of failure. If you keep on insisting that we have to live together, this is going to result in something really bad and I’d far prefer to avoid it!

It’s funny to me that people will say, “I can’t be a White Nationalist, I’m XYZ non-White,” and I’m like, “Yeah you can!”

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