Harry Potter and the transgender snowflakes


It’s 20 years since Harry Potter started weaving his magic in Western Society and perhaps we need to look more critically at the impact.

Apart from being a commercial success, which has enabled the author J.K. Rowling to rise from rags to riches, it has inspired a generation of young children.

Over the intervening period, J.K. Rowling has become rather rich – 650 million pounds at last count, with £150 million donated to charity.

The author, outside of her literary texts, is rather progressive in the socialist Marxist sense; anti-Trump, anti-borders, pro-migrant. Yet she has 18 empty bedrooms in her mansion and a £650 million net worth to re-distribute to those more needy.


Forgetting her personal success and hypocrisy, it’s an opportune moment to assess the legacy her work has left.

Has Harry Potter cast a spell over a generation and turned them into progressive snowflakes?

Photo by Daniel Ogren