White men are indeed the problem, but not in the way you think


A fascinating speech from Hans Hermann Hoppe on the subject of the alt-right. I will be referring again to this speech in the future but for now I wish to comment on a particular flaw in his argument.

Hoppe refers to the traditional Western family as being the greatest source of all that is good in the history of mankind. He then qualifies this by stating that it has also been the source of much that has been bad, but that does not negate or counteract its essential positive qualities. I agree with him on all of these points.

However, when speaking on how Western nations and cultures should respond to the relentless attacks upon them by the elites in government, industry, and banking, Hoppe sidesteps the alt-right’s push for the focus to be on saving white culture and white society by stating that most of the damage that has been done to Western nations has been done by white males. In fact, he considers it to be a serious strategic error to make whiteness the basis on which to base the strategic direction of the libertarian movement’s plan of action.

This is in direct contradiction to his earlier pronouncement on the traditional family unit, notwithstanding the fact that no society outside of the Western world has ever set itself to live along libertarian principles.

There is no doubt listening to Hoppe that he gets it. I found myself mentally cheering him during this speech, until the point at the 41 minute mark where he backs off from fully acknowledging the white elephant in the room. Hoppe ridiculed Jeffrey Tucker during this same speech, so it is illustrative to examine Tucker’s latest article, How much homogeneity does a society really need?

The answer is not simply not much it all; it is that homogenous nations are a very bad idea.

“You have to have liberty to deal with the inescapable reality of heterogeneity. It’s the longing for sameness that leads to conflict, despotism, and impoverished human lives.”

This is a neat inversion of reality. It is not the desire for sameness that leads to such conflict, it is the breakdown of homogeneity through enforced diversity that leads to conflict. The desire for sameness comes from the enforced diversity. It does not exist in a bubble and nor does it come first. The diversity happens and the conflict follows.

Tucker’s ridiculous philosophies have been embraced by the general libertarian crowd because they want easy answers to an existing difficult problem. In other words, they don’t want to make the necessary hard choices, and even worse the hard actions that are needed as a result of 50 years of disastrous and failing multiculturalism and mass immigration.

But back to Hoppe, it’s not white men who are responsible for the betrayal of white culture. It is failed or severely compromised white men who are responsible. This is a critical distinction. The left are currently in the process of attempting to use Harvey Weinstein’s behavior as a cover for upping their continuing attack on men. But what is conveniently left out of the picture is that Weinstein is one of their own. Harvey Weinstein is the archetypal male progressive.

The left have a strategic habit of compromising a group or institution and then using the results of such compromise to pave the way for its complete indoctrination and/or subsequent destruction. One of the best examples of this is the Catholic Church. Progressives in the 1960s pushed hard for the seminary to accept homosexual priests. The Church gave in and the resulting spate of pedophile molestations within the church have been used for the subsequent 40 years as the convenient excuse to relentlessly attack this religious institution.

It is the same with men, and specifically white heterosexual Christian men; as Hoppe states, the only remaining legally unprotected group in the West. A continuing attack on men and boys over the past 50 years has thus far culminated in the teaching and enthusiastic support of transsexual lifestyles to children as young as the age of 5. Not just this, but the active promotion of children to undergo transitioning using medical drugs and ultimately surgery. This has nothing to do with the declared support of transsexuals but everything to do with the complete destruction of traditional and healthy masculinity.

That men brought up on such overwhelming propaganda then actively support it in their adult life should not be used as an example of the badness of white men but instead as to the effectiveness of progressive indoctrination. Likewise, when such hopelessly feminized men reach a point in their lives when they snap and engage in some mass murder spree or other such horror, this has less to do with the essence of masculinity than it has to do with the degradation and humiliation of men through the brainwashing of progressive pathology.

In the last 20 minutes of the video Hoppe lists a series of action points needed in order to achieve a populist strategy for libertarian change. Hoppe states that these are in no particular order, except for his first point, which is a sensible and much needed approach to immigration.

While Hoppes correctly identifies that bringing in people with completely dissimilar cultural backgrounds in any more than miniscule numbers results in community disharmony as well as growing numbers of enthusiastic supporters of the welfare state, he has no comment as to the huge numbers of such people who are already here. Stopping the inflow will not fix the problem; the only solution is to also remove those who have already taken advantage of the breakdown of so many of our nations’ borders.

While faux conservative imbeciles such as Tucker have completely embraced progressive ideology in an attempt to justify their warped and naive libertarian ideals in the face of all ugly reality, even hard nosed and based libertarians such as Hoppe are not immune to some small aspect of this same disease. Hoppe goes far in this speech, very far indeed. But he doesn’t go far enough. He has swallowed the red pill but he has not yet fully embraced the subsequent journey that is required.

Immigrants from unsuitable races and cultures have to go back, and white men who have betrayed us are not indicative of white men as a whole. These are ugly truths and realities but that is the landscape in which the alt-right resides. If Hoppe and his fellow libertarians really desire to initiate a populist uprising against the ruling cloud-people then they will have to turn to the greatest resource that we have and embrace it with all of their being.

White men.

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