Our Speech is Violence, Their Violence is Speech

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The following quotation is a short excerpt from a recorded prison podcast with Christopher Cantwell (aka inmate 631424) who currently remains in custody at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

Christopher Cantwell is an outspoken Alt-Right media personality, activist and White Nationalist political prisoner, being held on egregiously false charges emanating from allegations made by Communist agitators.

Christopher communicates in this podcast recording:

“The social justice warriors are all rhetoric, because it’s completely emotional, and we are (as people who are interested in information) a little more dialectic in our speaking.

With them, if you are trying to convince them with the fact, it’s completely irrelevant, it’s all emotional. And to them, when they say “your speech is violence” they mean it!

As far as they are concerned, it’s the same thing as getting punched in the face. They are having the exact same reaction to it. But that’s also why you can’t trust them with legal systems. That’s why they can’t be allowed to wield political power.

It’s a matter of “your facts make my life difficult, and therefore I have an emotional reaction to that which is equivalent to if you’d raped and murdered me”.

Sorry, but they can’t be trusted to wield political authority at this point.

Allowing people to have this concept in their heads, that their positons which are contrary to reality bare the same validity as those that are in tune with it, has been what’s allowed to go on for too long in schools.

You have these kids that are like “Okay, well nobody is really right and nobody is really wrong. It’s just a place for us all to feel good about sh-t.”

It’s like, you know what? That did not prepare you for the real world!”

P.S. If you are able, please join me in contributing to the rescue fund for /ourgoy/ Christopher Cantwell: