The groups behind Australian political violence and how you can help stop them


Andrew Bolt [unlike most Australian journalists] often does a good job of pointing out just how violent the left is. Whenever the extremist thugs that plague our society decide to shut down the opinions of anyone to the right of Lenin, Bolt gets to his computer and taps in his often repeated refrain “What is it with the left and violence?”

Those of us who pay attention know already.

The average centre-left ALP voter doesn’t want to break the heads of people who want to have a political meeting they might disagree with; they usually just like the idea of more health spending. Even the average Greens voters would rather sneer at One Nation supporters over a glass of expensive white than try to shut down their events with violence, threats and intimidation. Getting their hands dirty by touching plebs [even to punch them] is not at all the desire of the Doctor’s wives demographic.

The answer is that while the mainstream left is sadly willing to tolerate political violence, they aren’t the ones responsible. At fault are a small fringe of well organised, vicious extremists who recruit impressionable youth, fill their heads with vacuous nonsense, and give them a moral justification to form up into mobs and attack innocent people.

A quick examination of recent leftist violence even just in the last year finds the calling cards of these groups everywhere.

Anneke Demanuele, from Yahoo.

In February this year, a bus chartered to take supporters of the Q society to listen to a speech by Senator Cory Bernardi in Melbourne was attacked by a mob of leftists who assaulted anyone trying to board, while police stood by and did nothing.

Leading the mob was Socialist Alternative activist Anneke Demanuele and deranged red-headed, man-hating Marxist lunatic Debbie Brennan. Naturally the media didn’t mention the affiliations or backgrounds of either, despite such information being easily available.

Tom Gilchrist, Socialist Alternative. From Facebook.

Also missed by the press was the Socialist Alternative membership of Tom Gilchrist, the leader of the mob that stormed Senator Bernardi’s office in Adelaide, smashed the front fence and terrorised the office employees in defence of the “Safe Schools“ program. Don’t worry though; the extremists got hit with hefty $100 fines. That’ll teach them not to attack the staff of a democratically elected representative for a while.

The often forgotten Socialist Alliance actually managed to play a part in the violent Australia Day protests this year, which came a shock to me since I thought they had more or less been completely outcompeted into irrelevance by their SAlt comrades. Most of the violence seems to have been initiated by Lee Rhiannon’s extremist “Left Renewal” Greens faction however. So your Revolutionary Marxist party is getting out-violenced by the Greens? That must be embarrassing; no wonder SAlt keeps drinking your milkshake.

The black-clad privileged kiddies associated with Australia’s Anarchist movement don’t really make many press statements. They’re too busy being dark and edgy and hating Dad and his stupid BMW. But they did hit the press when they tried to attack the previously aforementioned Andrew Bolt in the street, for the dual crime of attending a book launch and being a tool of the evil right-wing Murdoch conspiracy to keep Australians from embracing the joys of Anarchism.

Based Ryan Fletcher.

The black-clad, skinny-legged sociopaths also gang attacked Ryan Fletcher and hit him on the head with a metal pole. The police again stood by doing nothing, thus allowing the XYZ cartoonist to be bloodied and bruised for the heinous crime of protesting Halal certification.

The 2013 mob attack on people just trying to attend a speech by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders seems to be an outlier; it was organised by a group calling themselves ‘Students for Palestine”, surely that isn’t an extremist group?

Daniel Taylor, Socialist Alternative. From Tumblr.

Well, Students for Palestine was co-founded by Socialist Alternative and the Socialist Alliance, one of their main organisers seems to be Daniel Taylor from Socialist Alternative, they throw events where you can pelt a picture of Pauline Hanson with water balloons organised by Socialist Alternative member Kim Murphy. As is well known, Socialist Alternative [particularly in the form of Vashti Kenway] has… a tense relationship with Australia’s Jewish community. Screaming, spitting and physically threatening people on university campuses can so damage the development of comradely relations.

But not everyone there protesting against Wilders was from Socialist Alternative or Socialist Alliance! Serial pest Anthony Main of East West link protest renown and probably the last remaining member of the Socialist Party [after the recent… unpleasantness] joined in the violence as well.

XYZ has shown that the media is, for reasons that can only be guessed, very reluctant to point out the names of the extremist groups committing and inciting this violence. They can attack church parishioners, Punch photographers, Blockade courts of law, gang bash innocent bystanders and even boast about attacking police and shutting down opposition political events, without anyone in the fourth estate bothering to name and shame them for who they are.

No matter how far you go back, the same groups with the same people cause almost all the politically motivated violence in Australia. The Democratic Socialist Perspective then became the Socialist Alliance, which has withered as it was supplanted by the Socialist Alternative.

But regardless of the names they wear or the countless splinter groups that form, then merge then split again, the face of violent political extremism has remained the same; a red fist hitting a dissenting face.

Until these groups are confronted, until there is pressure on the mainstream left to dissociate themselves from these dangerous, demented fruitcakes we will continue to live in a world where right-of-centre people cannot safely hold a meeting, a protest, a rally or even speak their minds publicly without the threat of violence.

In Australia it wasn’t the right that stopped the march of Communism when it seemed in the ascendant after WW2. It was patriotic leftists like Ben Chifley and Bob Santamaria that drove the snakes back under their rocks.

Nobody like these people. They may agree with some of the causes they spruik but most of the country, left or right, wants as little to do with these strange, disturbed weirdoes as possible. Therein lies their weakness.

Those of us on the right need to reach out to the moderate people on the left who hate these psychos almost as much as we do but feel afraid to speak up. We need to let them know that it is O.K to openly express their disgust for the bad smelling, worse behaving, and violence loving anti-Australian Marxist dregs that give the sane people on the left a bad name.