Exposed: the Communists teaching your children


So, Communists are teaching our kids.

Not “reds under the bed” or figments of an over-active imagination but actual old fashioned Marxist-Leninists working towards revolution, civil war, social destruction and a totalitarian state.

And the people responsible for informing you about what’s going on in the world never said a word.

While looking over the latest foibles of our feral far left I came across a remarkable piece of recent history. XYZ recently published a piece exposing that elected Greens representatives and supposedly respectable academics were featured speakers at the conference of violent extremist and long-time Marxist activist Ian Rintoul.

One of the lesser known speakers was Lucy Honan. Lucy is a teacher at St Albans Secondary College in Melbourne’s North West and AEU State Council member in Victoria. She is also a founder of Teachers for Refugees and [I’m sure it will shock you to learn] a member of Ian Rintoul’s Marxist extremist group Solidarity.

Your taxes pay for Lucy Honan to abuse your children. Screenshot from Teachers4Refugees

Lucy got quite a lot of media attention last year when she organised fellow teachers to wear pro-refugee t-shirts in the classroom. The protest got the response it wanted; Malcom Turnbull said it was bad, Huffington Post said it was good and Lucy got to go on The Project to talk about how evil Australians are for wanting to have borders.

Lucy Honan, Teachers for Refugees and . Screenshot from YouTube

It was a good bit of publicity. Lucy claimed that 500 teachers would be wearing these shirts and this claim was repeated without the slightest bit of evidence. But keen readers would know that dishonesty is par for the course with the Teachers for Refugees group; a member of their organising committee Dr Rachael Jacobs of Western Sydney University was responsible for the bald faced lie behind the #I’llridewithyou campaign.

A whole bevy of journalists somehow failed to notice that Ms Honan [who they were plastering all over their television screens and quoting all through their news pieces] was a member of a violent extremist group and that she had managed to gain a position of influence on the council of the union responsible for representing public school teachers in Victoria.

One article by the national politics reporter for the Herald Sun Robb Harris mentioned in passing that Lucy had been disciplined for her involvement in protests against NAPLAN testing in schools a few years ago.

She did so much more than that.

As was reported in the SMH by the amusingly named Jewel Topsfield, Lucy was one of the organisers of the Boycott NAPLAN Coalition, a group that gained quite a bit of publicity not that long ago for whinging about teachers being subject to evaluation based on whether their students actually know anything or not.

The Boycott NAPLAN Coalition handed out leaflets and NAPLAN student withdrawal forms at markets and school gates desperately trying to undermine the legitimacy of the testing system, and thus save bad teachers from the embarrassment of having to face their dull students’ dismayed and angry parents.

The campaign gained public support from Meadow Heights Primary principal Kevin Pope, the Save Our Schools campaign and Christopher Bantick, a prolific writer and senior literature teacher at a Melbourne boys’ Anglican Grammar School who has had articles published by a range of Newscorp and Fairfax titles over many years.

From his writings Bantwick seems a rather nice and reasonable man but he got quite hot under the collar in his denunciation of NAPLAN and his praise for Lucy’s Coalition, stating:

“The newly formed Boycott NAPLAN Coalition is not a radical body with an agenda to undermine schools and the education of children. Quite the reverse. The emergence of this group, strengthened by academics, such as Dr Anne Harris from the Monash University Faculty of Education, says that NAPLAN is a failure.”

In Jewel Topsfield’s piece she named as supporters of the campaign teachers such as Mary Merkenich, Manolya Moustafa, Tess Lee-Ack, Hamish McPherson and Bronwyn Jennings.

To the uninitiated that would be Mary Merkenich of the Socialist Alliance;

Mary Merkenich, Socialist Alliance. From LinkedIn.

Manolya Moustafa of Socialist Alternative;

Manolya Moustafa, Socialist Alternative. From Facebook

Tess Lee-Ack of Socialist Alternative;

Tess was heavily involved in Illegal student occupations at Monash University. the 1970’s. From Red Flag and Lot’s Wife.

Hamish McPherson of the Socialist Alliance, and Bronwyn Jennings of the Socialist Alliance.

Clearly no radicals there.

The Boycott Naplan Coalition was founded by three groups: The Popular Education Network Australia [PENA], The Teacher and Education Support Staff Alliance [TESA] and the Say No To Naplan group. The last seems not to have existed beyond the name and TESA is simply a faction inside the Australian Education Union created to get Marxists like Lucy Honan and Mary Merkenich elected to positions of power within the union hierarchy.
But PENA is more interesting.

The Popular Education Network Australia was set up mostly by academics. Its public face has been mainstream leftist professors such as Dr Anne Harris from the Monash University faculty of education, and David Hornsby who has lectured on education at La Trobe University, the University of Melbourne and RMIT as well as serving as a consultant formulating education policy for the Victorian government.

However PENA also includes Jo Williams [Victoria University and Socialist Alternative];

Jo Williams, Socialist Alternative, from VicUni

Jorge Jorquera [previously of Socialist Alliance, currently of Socialist Alternative, and Tracey Ollis [of Deakin University school of Education]. According to an academic paper authored by Ollis it was these latter three who founded the network in order to better spread among Australian educators the ideas of Brazilian education theorist Paulo Freire.

Freire argued in his most important work “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” that the purpose of the teacher was not simply to impart knowledge but to also subliminally indoctrinate children in Marxist theory.

These are the people you pay through your taxes to teach your kids’ teachers.

It needs to be reiterated, these people are not simple ALP union hacks or mushy Greens who like trees, these people are the most radical political extremists in our society. The groups they are members of have been responsible for campaigns of violence, vandalism and intimidation against anyone who dares to disagree with them politically.

These groups openly boast that they want to overthrow the government. They preach about the need to abolish Parliament, the armed forces, the police, the courts, the constitution, the Australian national flag, national borders, the concept of gender, free speech, free assembly, the right to own property and the traditional family.

And not only do you pay them to teach the people who teach your kids, you also pay them to formulate the curriculum more sane teachers are forced to teach by.

For some people it was a shock when it was revealed that the infamous Roz Ward, one of the architects of the Safe Schools program, was a long-term Marxist and member of the violent extremist group Socialist Alternative.

For anyone who has been paying attention it was a shock that this network of extremists inside our education system had managed to stay under the radar for so long.

But I guess that’s what happens when large sections of the public get their news from Lowy Institute award winning journalists like Jewel Topsfield.

But Jewel isn’t the only one. Marissa Calligeros of the Age, Alesha Capone of Newscorp, Karen Brooks of the Courier Mail as well as Monique Hore and Rob Harris of the Herald Sun all reported on Lucy Honan without doing the slightest research into her background to discover her extremist associations.

These Australia-hating, seditious scumbags have wormed their way deep into the very system we trust to teach our children because journalists have been too lazy, or too sheep-like to name them for what they are.

Twenty years ago Gay-marriage was a joke. Ten years ago it was vocally opposed by Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and even Penny Wong. Today, even publicly voicing your opposition is enough to get you publicly bashed in the street while respectable society cheers on Twitter and in the Guardian comment section.

That happened because our fourth estate failed us, our journalists failed us. They failed to warn us that radical extremists were positioning themselves to write the story each new generation of Australians is taught about themselves.

Part of our mission here at XYZ is to do just that, to be a Jeremiah warning of what is to come and exposing the red rats gnawing at the roots of the Australian tree.

Because God knows we certainly can’t rely on the overfed coterie of self-regarding, puffed up preening popinjays who constitute the modern Australian press to do it for us.

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