Brave Patriots storm another Communist Council: Still no Show Trial


As the treason of Melbourne’s inner-city councils builds momentum, the brave resistance to their communist agenda only intensifies. Yesterday, members of Patriot Blue stormed a council meeting in the People’s Republic of Moreland, in protest against their decision to ban Australia Day, and the comparison by one of its coun of Australia Day by one of its councillors to the holocaust.

The video is accompanied by the following statement on their Facebook page:

“Yesterday was a day of resistance against those who so wish to change our culture and country.

“This is Moreland City Council receiving a reaction for committing treason against the Australian people, the very people they are meant to serve.

“Australia Day has always been and will always be on the 26th of January.”

Hell yes.

Naturally, media on both the left and supposedly on the right have referred to the moderate, civic nationalists who called out the far-left traitors in Moreland Council, as “far-right”. To the Herald Sun’s credit, they did give the protest organiser, Neil Erikson, a good airing:

“I think they should focus on the three R’s: rates, roads and rubbish … they should not be dealing with a national holiday,” Mr Erikson told the Herald Sun…

“Most of the people in there that look distressed were left-type people who were putting it on for the cameras,” he said.

Regarding the prefix “far”, The XYZ has consistently made the case that this should be applied to the leftists who are force-feeding their agenda to the Australian population, whether it is the Socialist Alternative members who organise violent demonstrations, ferals who scream “nazi” at anyone who disagrees with them, or the network of international socialists (which) has spread throughout the Australian establishment”.

As with the recent action against Yarra City Council, this author is slightly dismayed that Patriot Blue did not use their muscle to overpower the enemies of the people, conduct a mass show-trial, and exile the entire council to the West side of the Cape York Peninsula. However, they are the ones storming the beaches, and should be commended for their remarkable restraint. In contrast to the chaotic riots perpetrated by the left, there was no blockade, no pulling of the sprinkler system, no foul language, and no violence. They made their point, then left.

Well played, gentlmen.

It’s your XYZ.