Quote of the Day: “The discourse is over, the war has begun”


Dan Harmon is the creator of the ingenious Rick and Morty. He is also a classic gamma communist terrorist. This rant is well worth watching:

He seems to be upset about the peaceful protest which was attacked by violent Antifa thugs in Charlottesville. He claims they were all nazis.  All of them.  Even the ones who weren’t.  He calls the President of America a nazi.  His entire argument is based on saying the word “nazi” over and over again.

He apparently fails to see the irony in the way he starts his speech in relatively low (although whiny) tones, and gradually, skilfully, increases the tone and speed of his diatribe, until he is gesticulating wildly to an adoring audience.

Very early on he states “The discourse is over, the war has begun”.  You may think he is talking about a tiny radical minority, a sub-group, or even a sub-culture.  But no.  About half way through, just before he starts to get really scary, he suddenly claims that about a third, 29% of Americans, are nazis.

It is then that you realise the saying that “a nazi is just someone who disagrees with a leftist” is actually an axiom.

Could you not particularly care if men want to lick each other’s bottoms, but are concerned about changing the definition of marriage to accomodate them, or at least think that people should be allowed to voice concern, even if they’re wrong? You’re a nazi.

Do you welcome migrants from all over the world, regardless of race or creed, as long as they respect your country’s values, but are concerned that some might try to bring their own form of bigotry here? You’re a nazi.

Do you feel compassion for the least fortunate amongst us, and believe that society should find a way to keep them alive and provide them some comfort, but you’re concerned that if we don’t reign in public spending, the current unsustainable welfare state will collapse? You’re a nazi.

Do you think white people have a right to be proud of their own identity, history and culture, and deserve their own homeland if they so wish, just like the Chinese, the Japanese, the Peruvians, the Jews and the Egyptians? You’re a nazi.

And what does Dan Harmon want to do to you?

“You stab it, you cut it out. You bombard it with poison.”

Do you support Donald Trump, think the West has a right to defend its borders?

Dan Harmon wants to stab you, and he is inciting people to kill you.

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David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.