Quote of the Day: It’s ok to punch a communist in the balls‬


‪Some comments from XYZ contributor Ezra Christensen with regard to the Antifa attack on Andrew Bolt give us some food for thought:‬

‪”‬It’s true that the attackers will plead that their intention was not to assault Bolt but to ‘merely’ embarass him. But given the state of our judiciary, were they ever going to be appropriately dealt with? I doubt it.

“All things considered I reckon Bolt did the right thing. He humiliated the attackers and made them look like pussies. This middle aged guy single handedly took several men in a surprise attack and THEY were the ones who couldn’t run away quick enough.

“But perhaps most importantly- we aren’t playing games now. People are being killed- and that could have been a real attempt on his life. It’s a choice between using force to nutralize attackers or potential die.”

We are indeed living in a new world. For starters, Andrew Bolt is now the Chuck Norris of Australian politics.

Image by Ryan Fletcher.

The people of the United States are now fighting back against Antifa thugs to retake university campuses, and Bolt’s actions will provide a precedent, and social proof, for people to use vigorous self defence against Antifa here.

The science is settled. It is now ok to punch a communist in the balls.

This new reality can be summed up with the following Quote of the Day from Andrew Bolt:

“Bad luck for them of course, I don’t do running and hiding, and police are now looking for this young man, who will have a big bruise on the left side of his face, and another bruise between his legs.”

Antifa are getting desperate and more violent across the West, because the right are fighting back. The physical aspect of this however is but the symptom. The reason this is happening is that the right has transformed, led by the alt-right vanguard, into a movement that seeks to entirely dismantle the moral and intellectual framework of the left, to destroy its power, erase all leftist thought from our civilisation, and resurrect the West anew.

It’s your XYZ.

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