Food for Thought – Does Leon Cuckerberg Need an Ice Axe?

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

For a while now, many right-of-centre Facebook users have been the targets of vexatious censoring by Comrade Cuckerberg’s communist cronies.

Whether it be banning users for merely saying ANTIFA doesn’t have a right to assault people, or more generally blocking articles pertaining to immigration and migrant crime as being “abusive” content, Comrade Cuckerberg consistently enables anti-Western elements to dictate his site’s “community standards”.

As Moses Apostaticus previously outlined, Facebook’s Orwellian reclassification of real news as “Fake News” has exclusively attempted to enrich the narrative of his globalist presstitute associates who promote open borders and political correctness.

This is why anyone who speaks out against broad sweeping migrant crime, Islamic terrorism and general Cultural Marxist subversion of our social institutions is labelled by Cuckerberg’s MSM cohorts as “racist extremists”. Meanwhile, Cuckerberg’s pro-rioting comrades who rant about killing all white people are referred to by the MSM as “anti-racism protesters”.

Because of Comrade Cuckerberg’s support for the Marxist dialectic dance of death to dominate his site, we’ve started to see praise for the militant right raise to staggering heights.

If Comrade Cuckerberg continues to “get his Comm on”, he might need to be mindful of those behind him holding an ice axe.

Food for thought.