One Nation is a Broad Church of National Interest


One Nation has announced a candidate who will surprise everyone in the out-of-touch, painting-by-numbers mainstream media, but no-one who inhabits the real world beyond the leafy gentrified suburbs with their ‘Refugees Welcome Here’ banners.

Shan Ju Lin will no doubt make the heads of many on the regressive left explode. In their world of literal black and white, free of nuance, that is born of regimented identity politics, the existence of a Taiwanese One Nation candidate defies everything they hold dear about immigrants who are to be seen and not heard, should they dare question the Cultural Marxist doctrine that they are perpetual victims, who are presumably so incapable of autonomy that they need the moral support and assistance of the left even to rise out of bed in the morning… and must not be allowed the dignity of any achievement without interference from socialist handicappers, lest they quickly dispel the myth that they are doomed to failure in Western society merely because of the colour of their skin.

Predictably, the ABC in its coverage of One Nation cries racism on one hand, yet is eager to racially profile the candidate and others in the party on the other. In the ABC article, Queensland Campaign manager Jim Savage seems unconcerned about the ethnic makeup of their new crop of candidates. Aunty, on the other hand, seems ethnically obsessed without a hint of self awareness.

And that’s the whole point. I’m quite sure most of those who are likely to vote for One Nation don’t particularly care about the genetic makeup of migrants. Their main concern is with integration and shared values. Is a new migrant likely to insist that that women be subjugated, and that my gay relative be walked off a building? If the answer is yes, then kindly move along and don’t let the door hit your a— on the way out.

Have you ever noticed that 95% of the time when someone brings up race and underachievement, it isn’t your bombastic racist uncle, but someone from the left trying to justify why different cultures shouldn’t have to be beholden to the same standards and expectations as ‘all of the white people’?

Shan Ju Lin, like Dr. Ben Carson, Warren Mundine, Milo Yiannopoulis, Dinesh D’Souza, and others, is a distillation of everything we don’t find that big of a deal, but that the left can’t stop highlighting as being different, in order to divide and conquer using insidious identity politics. Aside from their obvious talents, we get excited by their involvement on our side of the political spectrum because these brave individuals are the alkaline that neutralises the acid of identity politics.

Will the One Nation candidate that has the ABC and others in a lather win a seat, and if so will she be successful in her representation? Who is to say… but her platform regarding Communist China is certainly interesting.

Donald Trump was able to appeal to a wide array of disenfranchised voters. If Climate Alarmist sceptic Malcolm Roberts, Social Justice Slayer Brian Burston, and Shan Ju Lin, who has been involved with the admirable Epoch Times, are an indication of the direction the party is heading in, then much like the movement that took the White House, One Nation now seems to be shaping up to be a broad church of national interest in defiance of globalism in its own right. As a result, we may well see an exciting and invigorated force in Australian politics for years to come.

It’s your XYZ.

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