You can smell the fear of Pauline in their sweat


Recently, the establishment narrative has taken a few hits, and the slimy weasels that rely on the docility of the average Aussie punter for their daily bread have started to show signs of panic.

A visual illustration of the fear induced in lefties by Pauline Hanson.

The shock poll finding released this week, showing that most Australians are sceptical at best regarding continued Muslim immigration, was a direct rebuke to the almost frantic denunciation and mockery of the press regarding the One Nation maiden speeches in the Senate.

Peter Lewis, who organised the poll, was clearly expecting a different result, one that could have been used to further ridicule Hanson and her fellow patriotic Senators.

He did not get quite the outcome that the left desired:

“The result floored me.

“This not a “basket of deplorables” who sit outside the confines of polite society, that is 49% of the men and women who make up our nation.

“Yes, they are more likely to vote Coalition or “other” but 40% of Labor voters and one third of Greens agree too. Look around you right now, there are people in your workplace, in your street, on your train, who agree with Hanson.

“So here’s the challenge to everyone concerned or affronted by these findings. How do you tell half the population that they are wrong?”

Muslim immigrant, anti-free-speech activist and shameless self promoter Mariam Veiszadeh predictably used the results to call for greater restrictions on the ability of Australians to criticise her co-religionists:

“It’s deeply hurtful to know that based on this poll, every second person on the bus I was on this morning, would potentially ban people like me from entering Australia, if they could….. People often say that our democracy is robust enough to withstand overt hate speech being spouted by some, but these results indicate otherwise.”

Our racial discrimination Commissar, Tim Soutphommasanananane, the man with the unpronounceable last name whom we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to tell us what evil racists we are, lamented that people seem to be not only thinking wrong thoughts but even SPEAKING about them:

“The numbers may reflect where the debate is at the moment. We have seen about two months of blanket coverage of Ms Hanson, not a week goes by when you don’t see or hear her views about immigration and Islam, and there’s a real danger that we are normalising what might otherwise be unacceptable ideas, beyond the bounds of a liberal democracy.”

The fear is not just on the “official” left; the unofficial left inside what was once known as the Liberal party is running scared as well.

And so they should be.

The first in-depth analysis of the recent federal election showed that the Coalition won ZERO seats on preferences while the ALP gained sixteen.

What this means in practice is that while leftist voters dislike the ALP, they are always willing to preference it over the Liberals, while right-wing voters are so outraged, so angry at the Liberal leadership, that they are willing to put the Libs last simply to send a message.

In Queensland, the ALP actually won two seats entirely off the back of One Nation preferences. The disgustingly obese, nauseatingly misshapen opportunist hack Ewen Jones in Townsville, and the boy-traitor Wyatt Roy in Longman. Both prominent Turnbull supporters, both clearly punished for that misplaced support.

If the One Nation star continues to rise, as looks increasingly likely, the average spineless Liberal MP will begin to sweat a little about who could be next.

And soon we may get an indication of which Liberal and National party representatives deserve that cold layer of clammy fear sticking their shirts to their skin.

Mark Dreyfus, the very caricature of the amoral slimy lawyer without scruple, principle or shame, has sought to resurrect the loyalty oath to Multiculturalism that both the ALP and the Democrats signed twenty years ago during the last Hanson-induced panic.

This snake in a suit, whose electorate in Melbourne weekly suffers ever more under a crime wave perpetrated by the refugees he and others similar to him invited, while he lives like an absentee landlord in one of the most comfortable areas of town, has decided that all MPs and Senators should sign a commitment to:

“Respect… religious and cultural diversity, supporting tolerance and justice within a multicultural society,” and “to speak and write in a manner which provides factual commentary on a foundation of truth about all issues being debated in the community and the parliament.”

The lawyerly intent is obvious in every twisted phrase.

Dreyfus is a highly intelligent man, and he sees an opportunity here.

Back twenty years ago, when the ALP first put this loyalty pledge to multiculturalism into Parliament, Coalition representatives saw it for the ideological trap that it was and roundly rejected it.

But with so much of the parliamentary Coalition now weak-willed, and lily-livered leftists far out of touch with the poor saps who voted for them, this pledge serves as a fantastic opportunity to cause division and discord within the government benches.

A wise Prime Minister, smart to the tactics of the game, would see this and publicly laugh at any such proposal.

Turnbull is not a wise Prime Minister.

Worse, Lord Malcolm the First is a high society dilettante leading a party increasingly filled with many of the same: cowardly curs without brain or moral fibre, just itching for the chance to roll over and beg for scraps from the leftists table.

The Left are terrified of Hanson because her resurrection and popularity fails to fit into their philosophical universe. They’ve never been required to actually argue their ideology before, so most of their debating points seem to devolve into point-and-shriek or, “Wow, just wow, I can’t even”.

The scuttling insects that infest most of the parliamentary coalition are terrified of Hanson, because her electoral clout might actually force them to do what right-of-centre voters want, rather than what will gain them good press with the ABC or glowing reviews in Fairfax.

The left are afraid because they have become domesticated by lack of opposition, the tame rabbit suddenly let out into the wild confused and bewildered by the immensity of the world.

The supposed “right” are afraid that they might be forced to provide that opposition.

For those of us who have watched the slow decline of our nation into the sump of nothingness for years or even decades, the fear of both sides tastes delicious.

We can only hope the future has far, far more in store.

Photo by StefanRheone