The Boys are Back in Town!



Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
David Leyonjhelm, as depicted by Ryan Fletcher, smoking a cigarette like a boss. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm and Family First Senator Bob Day are back! Last time around, this pair of strange bedfellows gave conformist Cultural Marxists a crash course on the concept that Conservatism is genuine diversity, and their minds exploded.

A leftist would never be able to work with someone who shared 98% of their ideology, but disagreed on just 2% of their nonsense. Leyonhjelm is down with same-sex marriage, while Bob sees it as an affront to his faith. But that’s ok. Conservatism is more genuinely diverse than regressive leftism could ever hope to be, contrary to Cultural Marxist mythology.

This odd couple found a lot of common ground, and saw driving important policy change as more important than locking horns over minor ideological or theological differences. That is the strength of conservatism. Unlike the rigidity of the left, it’s a very broad church that is finally realising the benefits of unity (editor’s note: a nice example for the Liberal Party, perhaps).

The return of Leyonhjelm in particular could be a game changer. Articulation and boorishness are not strengths of Pauline Hanson. The Liberal Democrat is exactly the right kind of trollish mouthpiece that a conservative voting block in the Senate could use.

Could his classic liberal views be a sticking point preventing cohesion with Hanson, Lambie, and others, particularly in regard to Islamisation? Perhaps, though unlikely. Leyonhjelm should recognise that they have a common goal of upsetting all of the right people. Why troll the lady everyone else is picking on when you can troll a bunch of Greens senators and tell the Chaser to “f— off” a few more times?

If the guy was genuinely tolerant and open-minded enough to work so cohesively with Bob Day, then basically the sky’s the limit. For conservatives and libertarians everywhere, this senate is shaping up to be the most genuinely representative in living memory. And yes, it will upset all the right people.

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