Viewer Poll Result: 100% of Australians prefer no government


200330559_0f972cf82a_Atlas-shruggedThe result from an XYZ Viewer Poll held earlier this week has revealed an extremely libertarian streak in Australian voters, with 100% of Australians responding that they do not miss having a federal government. Australia has now gone a week without having a federal government, and (although we will need one to pay off the debt, eventually) clearly Australians could not be happier.

In response to the question, “How much do you miss having a federal government,” one third of Australians responded that they miss it “like a hole in the head.” 20% responded that they miss a federal government like “ham in a halal snack-pack,” 14% miss it like “a fart in an elevator,” and only 4% miss it like a kick in the teeth.

Admirably, 27% responded positively to the answer “Taxation is Theft,” which should encourage free-market-anarchists memeing all over the internet.

The poll was not without controversy, however. An XYZ intern pointed out that no responses in the survey allowed for people who do miss having a federal government to say so, thus the result was skewed. That intern is now working at a McDonalds drive-through, although we understand they still will not let her handle physical cash.

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by Seth Tisue

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