How Sonia Kruger Became a Hero


Sonia Kruger is an unlikely dissident. The Today Extra host is an insider in a celebrity culture where political and cultural issues are not so much spoken about as bleated.

She didn’t need to say anything controversial; she could have stayed in her happy life toeing the line, never sticking her head above the parapet. The light entertainment business in which she has had her success is a cosy world of wealth and comfort, a safe haven where one is encouraged never to consider too deeply the wider world except in the most basic and clichéd manner.

I don’t think the Dancing with the Stars host had any idea just how much hatred she was bringing down oSource: youtube.comn herself when she spoke the plain truth about demographics and terrorism.

The media and the cultural establishment predictably exploded in an outpouring of sneering. Columnists and talking heads who would otherwise consider themselves staunch feminists peered down their nose and snarked at this blonde, this bimbo, this “dancer”, this SLUT who married a banker for money and then dared to voice an opinion different from the herd! The almost-obligatory death threats streamed in her direction.

One journalist even gloated that Kruger’s own friends in the entertainment industry didn’t dare stand up for her, a fact sources at channels Seven and Nine seemed to confirm that when it was leaked that their employed stables of stars had been warned not to offer any public support.

Even Australia’s three-hundred-thousand-dollar-a-year Race Discrimination Commissioner, former ALP staffer and winner of weirdest-looking government employee 2016 Tim Soutphommasane gave his own sage opinion that Kruger was promoting hate. An opinion he seems to mouth so often about such a variety of people it must now be a copy/paste option on his taxpayer funded computer.

Sonia even had the honour of being condescended to on The Project by the official Pet Muslim of the Australian Left, Waleed Aly.

So far so normal, we all knew as soon as we heard that Kruger had dared to speak the truth about Islamic immigration the storm of hate, bile and sexually charged insults that were about to fall her way.

It’s not even worth pointing out the leftist hypocrisy of screaming daily about evil sexist conservatives while at the same time attacking Kruger, Hanson, Panahi, Devine and any other woman who dares speak against them in the vilest of terms. Expecting consistency from a leftist is like expecting a pig to write an opera; and besides, in their view, a woman who disagrees with them is not worthy of being a woman at all.

We’ve seen this farce played out countless times, like a modern day Maoist struggle session: a public figure violates a PC precept, is buried under a mountain of confected outrage, has their career, good name and even physical safety threatened before grovelling in apology before the leftist idols

But a funny thing happened on the way to the witch burning:

Firstly all over Australia hundreds of thousands of mums and dads on social media, on polls and on talk-back rallied to the defence of the truth, Channel Nine was flooded with calls and emails expressing support.

And this time the tortured bear in the baiting pit refused to play the game.

Kruger refused to back down.

As the anti-establishment writer Vox Day describes in his best selling book on leftist duplicity SJWs Always Lie, the average dissident, when confronted by leftist outrage and demands for an apology, too often sees the demand as a way to mend any offence caused.

But to a leftist, the grovelling apology is all part of the plan to make sure no-one speaks up again. To terrify dissidents as the Stalinist show trials did. To cow wrong thinkers by showing them the public humiliation in store for those who dare to transgress.

Every time that they get what they want, every time that they manage through fear, intimidation and threats to make those that dare point out that the Emperor is looking a bit chilly stay silent it reinforces the cultural power of the bullies, of the censors, of the leftists who tell all of us what we can do, what we can say and what we can think.

Sonia Kruger isn’t a hero for noticing the obvious, nor is she a hero for stating it publicly despite the bravery that must have taken. Kruger is a hero for doing what so many before her have not been able to do but apparently a girl from Toowoomba can. She stood up to the bullies; despite the hate, the bile and the threats, she didn’t back down and she didn’t give the left the grovelling apology they wanted. She helped to open up the cultural conversation a little more so that a little more truth can filter through the cracks.

And most delicious of all, Shannon Molloy, the journalist who gloated about Sonia Kruger’s friends being too intimidated to support her, was feeling decidedly alone and intimidated when the rage of the public hit him.

Let’s hope others are inspired by Sonia’s example. Let’s hope for a day when truth can be told openly, and journalists are wary of joining the leftist mob.