Food for thought – BLM collective a terrorist organisation


How can anybody be surprised by yesterday’s horrific sniper attacks in Dallas, where 11 police officers were shot, 5 of whom were murdered? Here are some of the recorded mantras used by the Black Lives Matter Movement:

“What do we want? DEAD COPS! When do we want it? NOW!”

“Pigs in blankets, fry them like bacon.”

“The only good pig, is a pig that’s dead.”

What’s more infuriating is that the low-lives at their ABC yesterday invited on these delusional, racist Leftist agitators, to spew hatred of whites and espouse their rhetoric that “Donald Trump and the NRA were to blame for this”.

What’s more, their ABC even continuously ran footage of a gang-banger with a mouth of gold teeth and 3 tear drops tattooed under his eye, to attest that the shooter was a “white guy” yelling “white power,” when in fact the shooter was a Black man affiliated with the BLM collective.

The truth is the Black Lives Matter collective are terrorists!

Watch this short video by Paul Joseph Watson to really let this continuing tragedy, being waged by the militant Left, to sink in.