Are you a regressive Leftist?


This may come as a surprise to some but there was a time in my life when I too had drunk the regressive Leftist Kool-aid (which I now regret so intensely that I feel compelled to rail against it daily). I was once briefly a member of the Australian Greens, who worked for a UnitingCare social justice agency that networked closely with new arrivals and other minority groups.

Now I routinely attract buzzwords like “racist”, “fascist”, “Islamophobe”, “misogynist” from regressive Leftists, who consider me a pariah levelling microaggressions against their “safe spaces”.


While it’s depressing to know there are folk still being inculcated into the destructive cult of altruism many people may ask; what is a regressive Leftist?

In the 9-minute video below you will be able to get a brilliantly concise overview of 5 typical signs of what makes a regressive Leftist.