Today is International Sunglasses Day

Bono, at a press conference announcing the inaugural International Sunglasses Day, today, March 10.

I have questions…

Is there an International Men’s Day?

If not why not?

Who decides international days?

I feel I should.

March 10 is (if my memory serves me) Bono’s birthday, so I declare it International Sunglasses Day.

What’s the manliest day of the year… I would have to find some epic napoleonic battle and declare that date be International Men’s Day. Where, instead of Facebook pictures and the left marveling at their own uselessness, manly things must be undertaken by all folks, no matter their gender: such as changing oil; chopping down a tree for firewood; wrestling a kangaroo (every citizen of every country must do this otherwise they will be labeled racist bigots); not paying full price at a retail store; talking about fixing a tap and then talking about it again six months later; challenge someone to a duel (rapiers or pistols are the only options); and lastly, buy a motorbike fully intending to restore it but just leave it in the lounge/man cave for the rest of eternity.

International Women’s Day. You have been seen and raised.

Photo by hds