Food for thought – Klan branding bulldust

Robert Byrd in his robes. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Robert Byrd in his robes. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Right before the Super Tuesday primaries yesterday the establishment media had co-ordinated a highly fallacious report against Donald Trump’s candidacy for the Presidency.

It was alleged that David Duke (former Republican Louisiana State Representative and former leader of a non-violent Ku Klux Klan group) had “formally endorsed” Donald Trump for President, and that Mr. Trump allegedly refused to denounce it. Both of these allegations are false.

During an interview 2 months ago it was highlighted that David Duke was not formally endorsing Donald Trump, rather offering commentary as to why he thought Trump’s candidacy was important.

Besides the fact that Donald Trump has already denounced David Duke previously on multiple occasions, given Mr. Trump’s close ties with the Jewish American community and his support for Israel, doesn’t seem to factor into the establishment media’s fact-checking.

Meanwhile the late Democratic Senator Robert Byrd, who was a close “friend and mentor” of Hillary Clinton was also a former Klansman. Why doesn’t that story get equal weight you ask?

Well traditionally speaking the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the Democratic Party, often tarring and feathering (or even murdering) Republicans who wouldn’t toe the Klan line.

If the establishment media were found to be figuratively “tarring and feathering” Trump with fallacious propaganda, then the media would become an extension of the Klan influence.

So did this egregiously false lie by the media tarnish the Trump campaign in the Super Tuesday primaries? Seeing though Trump secured 7 primaries, Cruz secured a meagre 3 and Rubio only 1 you be the judge.

Food for thought.