Policing Political Correctness


Does there ever come point when the PC police are satisfied?

Never to be outdone in in their policing of society, progressives, it seems, have placed themselves in a perpetual and ever expanding game of politically correct one upmanship.

Not satisfied with Martin Luther King’s dream that his children would be treated not by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character, progressives continue on their mission to erase history and to flatten out society in every respect. It is a vision that talks ‘equality’, but actually means ‘sameness’. Yet at the same time, seeks to re-introduce aspects of racial segregation.

Speaking about the colour of skin, progressives in the United States have for years been offended by the name of the football team – the Washington Redskins. You see, ‘redskin’, is racist. in fact, for progressives any reference to skin colour is racist, well, most of the time, except if a black person is expressing black pride. That would be Okay, but heaven forbid if you include black in the name of a football team! Unless all the players are black, that would be okay.

And all those names of cities, states and other places named after colonists and slave owners; they need to change Like Australia’s flag. Progressives want to erase the offensive Union Jack from the flag, and replace it with something less offensive, much vaguer and symbolic is means virtually anything and nothing all at the same time.

‘Victoria’ will need to go. We can’t allow one of Australia’s states to be named after a cruel and oppressive foreign colonialist! But then again, Queen Victoria was a female head of state, so….

This is all terribly confusing and exhausting! No wonder progressives never seem to be satisfied, or happy for that matter.