Men’s Rights Hijacked


e831b50e28f71c3e81584d04ee44408be273e7d11cb4164697f3_640_ViolenceI’m all for male rights when it comes to global equality. Yes, men are still the dominating force of the corporate tree, however in recent years in the public arena they have been stereotyped as stupid, incompetent, violent apes, and women are the real backbone of a family.

A man gets sexually harassed – he gets told to suck it up and move on. We saw recently on the TV a female reporter hit on buy a guy and there was an uproar. But a daily news anchor flirts with male guests, touches shirtless firemen – and no issue. The double standards are there and it is getting wider.

I see a sign on my drive to work saying “Violence against women, Australia says no.” What about violence against men? It happens and it happens a whole damn lot. The difference is those males are too proud, and probably too loving of the perpetrator to say something. Also men have a more difficult time being able to talk (as a stereotype.)

However in the modern world the perceived equality isn’t equality, but a switching of oppression and domination. It’s like “I want to be equal but I want to be compensated for history.”

Now I move into the article below. This is not men’s rights. This is barbaric, dangerous and stupid. This breaks freedoms that every person should have.

Public areas, private areas, male or female, if the person says no that’s it. It’s not someone’s right to have sex. It is a natural privilege. It’s not needed for daily life aside from the continuation of the species as a whole. Calling this movement “men’s rights” is abhorrent. How is this helping males in the western world not be seen as lowly subjects whom are just base drive and instinct?

The fact that this group exists disgusts me.

Grumpy Motorist.