‘As Government Expands, Liberty Contracts’ Quote of the Day


This weekend marks the 105th anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s birth. We at the XYZ have previously celebrated President Reagan’s steadfastness in defending classical liberal values, his vision for human flourishing and achievement, and for his unrivaled role in bringing down the Berlin Wall and an end to the oppression of Soviet Communism.

There is one particular line that stands out in President Reagan’s fine farewell address, delivered in January 1989, and it is this: “There is a clear cause an effect here that is as neat and as predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.” Mr Reagan’s words are on the one hand so obviously true, but in our present climate, feel radical and taboo; even scarcely utterable.

So many of President Reagan’s speeches are proving to be prophetic, as we see governments around the world encroaching further into the freedoms and rights that we are granted, not by governments as some would have it, but by our Maker, as the Founding Fathers of America understood it to be.

President Reagan, I salute you. And without any further ado, as XYZ’s Quote of the Day for 7 February 2016 I will let the great man speak for himself:


Photo by Marion Doss