Where are the visionaries of the left?


imageA while back I stumbled across the wonder that was Tesla. A mad as bat sh!t professor, this guy was a visionary ahead of his time. I sometimes think he would have been a rival for Magneto.

For those who are not familiar with the man, I suggest you go look into the legacy he has left behind.

The salient point is this: In a day and age when people were hunting whales for Oil, Moby Dick style, this guy was inventing the electric motor, designing and testing it in his head, then delivering it to mankind.

That alone is a huge gift, saving beasts of burden immense labor and enabling so much for so many. But he did so much else, including wireless electricity transfer.

So what does this have to do with anything? Genius and science advance the cause of humanity. I dare say taxation, wealth redistribution, thought police, nanny statism and so much else are not creating wealth nor value, merely redistributing it toward those who have no idea that wealth can be created.

I recently travelled around the Phillipines, and I was struck at the predictable pattern of dog abuse, burning plastic bottles in the streets and listlessness in the less developed areas.

What people need is education, inspiration and opportunities. We need to embrace new ideas that lift people onward and upward, away from the instinct to simply procreate and wallow in the gutter of unfortunate existence. That we reward those who breed and suffer and remain ignorant under the yolk of corrupt institutions (government, theocracies and such) seems to be a self destructive instinct toward mediocrity, which is the utopia of the socialists and communists.

I dare to stand in the shadow of greatness and aspire to become something better, and I will resist the urge to be dragged down into mediocrity.

Photo by Abode of Chaos