Food for thought – H-bombs and crying for white flags

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

For some time now we’ve been observing the mullah melodrama which seems to possess the Obama administration. Whether it’s giving Iran the ability to arm itself with nuclear capabilities or diluting the second amendment (the right to bear arms) it is of little comfort as to where this worldview ultimately leads.

While Obama cries about Americans having ready access to guns, North Koreans, (who can barely access food let alone guns half the time,) are celebrating a “successful” hydrogen bomb test.

It is this very point that if citizens allow the hysterical obsession with disarmament to set in, the hand of tyranny will tighten it’s grip until the only ones armed are those enforcing the submission to despotism.

Frankly if we go back to the Democrat era under Bill Clinton when disarming citizens equated to ripping apart a communal church with a tank, saturating the interior of the building with CS gas (aerosol solvent) and setting it aflame with women and children inside, then I have little empathy for Obama’s crocodile tears.

Food for thought.