Straight to the Point: PC an islamist’s delight


4841110329_99d26336af_political-correctness-1Political correctness, self censorship, taboo subjects, things we cannot draw… it’s an islamist’s delight, especially as criticism of islamic and islamist wackiness is not politically correct.

I think they could not have asked for a better situation, with the exception of all the rights that they disagree with that are the PC mob’s pet hobbies. Those things will be the first to be thrown off the buildings me thinks, thrown under the covers, so to speak, and locked up out of mind and out of sight.

Logically, it is bewilderingly paradoxical, but at heart, PC is as authoritarian as Mohammed ever was. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Or convert at the threat of the pointy end of it.

Photo by Trevor Blake

Photo by Michael Branson Smith

Photo by Michael Branson Smith