Islamic Teacher: Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus were Muslims


Meet Dr Bilal Philips, a shining example of the Islamic Salafi tradition, who is founder of the Islamic Online University, and appears regularly on the dubiously named ‘PeaceTV‘ network.

Dr Bilal had this to say about his recent comments co-opting Adam, Abraham, Moses & Jesus for the ‘Religion of Peace.’

“Being a teacher of Islam is a big job. Along with making anti-semitic and racist comments about ‘inferior races’, arguing there is no such thing as marital rape, excusing the violence of suicide bombers, and entertaining my 200,000 twitter followers – I’m also required to re-write history.”

Bilal, perhaps you should take a break from your truth-deficit style of evangelism & take your own advice from one of your recent twitter posts: “A meaningful silence is far better than meaningless words.”


Photo by opensourceway