Antarctic ice growing and shrinking at the same time!


Depending which news reports you read today, Antarctic ice is either growing – Climate change: Antarctica ice is growing, not shrinking says NASA or shrinking – Ice melt could raise sees ‘by 3 metres’ (says NASA).

Soon climate scientists will be invoking some kind of quantum ‘superposition’ when it comes to melting and increase of ice. You see, the polar ice caps (which were all melted by 2013)  continue to grow in 2015, but are also simultaneously melting and increasing sea levels.

Rather than Schrodinger’s cat which is both alive and dead in the box, we have Gore’s polar bears which have substantially increased in number over the last decades, and are at the same time facing imminent extinction.

You see, climate change is much like quantum physics. While global temperatures have plateaued over the last 18 or so years, 2014 was the hottest year on record. While Europe and North America was frozen solid in the winter of 2014/15 maximum temperature records continue to be broken, as data sets are ‘adjusted’ to match the climate change models.

“Oh, the polar bear!”

Photo by Christopher.Michel

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