To insult and offend


image“Labor senator Jenny McAllister [has] called on Liberals backing change to provide a list of the insults and offences they want people to be allowed to say if the law is changed.”

Challenge accepted (notwithstanding I’m not a Liberal):

  1. You’re a phony Aboriginal who couldn’t have winged a government grant to write about your anything, let alone your false racial consciousness, if you hadn’t claimed to have ‘indigenous’ blood.
  2. How many pingers does the average blackfella ‘borrow’ at an electronic dance corroboree?
  3. Did you ever stick a didgeridoo in your pussy that one time at band camp?.
  4. Your religion is not a religion but an evil totalitarian socio-political cult with no redeeeming features.
  5. What did you do with all the potatoes when you bought your wife that sack she wears?
  6. Was Mohammed’s (piss be upon him) 9yo wife fair game only because she was uncovered meat or also because she was just the right size for his dick?
  7. Rumour has it Jesus used his nose to hook all dem fishes and stole more bread than a Pommy convict.
  8. You’d be pretty smart if you were a white girl, but for an Asian you’re a bit thick.

Feel ‘free’ to add your own.