How can this racist speech be tolerated?


I was in furious agreement with the language police over at The Age this week, as they loudly, and repeatedly, condemned Liberal Senator Eric Abetz for using a shockingly racist slur on national radio. Mr Abetz fully deserved the manufactured outrage directed at him, just as he deserved being maliciously labelled, not a Senator, but a “dumped Senator”. Why, ABC presenters and their guests were close to fainting with rage as they tip-toed around the offending word. Outrageous!

My consternation had almost died down, the unnatural tightness gripping my forehead was receding as the “I’m very offended indeed” expression slipped from my face, and my rectum was close to returning to a normal state of muscular relaxation, when I had occasion to read the highly offensive speech at the link below. What naked and shameless racism! I endured multiple instances of the same disgracefully racist word used by “dumped Senator” Mr Abetz, over and over again, both in the text and the accompanying audio, before becoming so distressed I could not continue.

Who will rid the world of this racist, who even audaciously appropriates the name of a great Christian leader of the past, before he too stands for parliament in Tasmania?

Source: Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Speech – American Rhetoric