Food for thought – For and against a Mosque in Bendigo

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Yesterday regional rallying in Bendigo by Stop the Mosque protesters drew the ire of self-proclaimed “anti-racist” agitators, who held a counter rally under the auspice of “Bendigo Action Coalition”.

True to form the Leftist agitators of the “Bendigo Action Coalition” managed to cause annoyance to locals by marching up one of Bendigo’s busiest streets in order to face off with the Stop the Mosque in Bendigo rally. They were heard to be chanting “no hate, no fear, UPF aren’t welcome here”.

Stop the Mosque in Bendigo protesters, attended and supported by Reclaim Australia and the United Patriots Front (UPF), were cited by organizers as outnumbering their opponents “4 to 1” during the day.

To cite the sentiments of the Stop the Mosque in Bendigo organizers:

“Australia is a democracy. Democracy as we are witnessing is hard fought and so easily lost. Groups like UPF, Reclaim and the anti-Islam movement are the lone voices for democracy in Australia. The other agents of change like our media and politicians have been swallowed up by the “politically correct” forces of socialism—a fallout from our participation in the UN.”

At the time of writing the Bendigo Action Coalition Facebook page has 1,199 likes, contrasted to the Stop the Mosque in Bendigo Facebook page which has 17,808 likes.

Food for thought.


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