There is no family without biology


Yet again, like clockwork, the social engineers are insisting that white is black and black is white.

Today, Greens Senator Janet Rice has written an article for the Huffington Post entitled: ‘Love Makes A Family, Not Biology’. I don’t need to explain to you where this is heading.

From the outset I have to correct Senator Rice, that without biology there can be no family. I would also like to ask, what is this thing called ‘love’ that she and her ilk keep referring to? Is it the rather nebulous, rather weak kind of ‘love’ that has over the last 40 years lead to record levels of family and relationship breakdown? I’m not even sure they know what they’re talking about, but at least it sounds good.

The controversy over the last few days has been sparked by a documentary – ‘Gayby’, which seeks to detail the lives of children raised by same-sex ‘parents’, with a dash of child gender dysphoria thrown in for good measure. A link to the trailer is below:

Yet, one thing you wont see or hear in this documentary are the experiences of children raised by same-sex parents who have felt the gaping father or mother shaped void in their lives.

Such experiences do not fit the desired narrative of this project, as such they must be maginalised and silenced. Such was the treatment of Katy Faust on the ABC’s Q&A, a woman raised by lesbian parents, who was told by Labor Senator Sam Dastyari that her views were hateful and should be excluded for public debate.

Millie Fontana is an Australian woman who was raised by lesbian parents, and grew up with confusion, uncertainty, and anguish, and the sense that part of her identity was missing having being deliberately denied a father. Mille Fontana talks about her experience in the video below:

People like Senator Rice ignore the experiences of people like Katy Faust and Millie Fontana. Not only that, they are silenced and are told that their experiences are invalid.

It is time for Senator Rice and others to stop discriminating against children, and marginalising them because their experience doesn’t fit their narrative. What is becoming clear is that those who cry loudest about ‘love’ in this debate are proving to be the most unloving of all.

Photo by left-hand