The Greens: taking credit for things (as usual)


Oh dear.

The Greens have gotten themselves embroiled in another social media controversy.

Ellen Sandell, a Victorian Greens state MP has been “accused of defiling the Aboriginal flag.”

The Herald Sun reported today that “Ms Sandell outraged social media users by placing a Greens logo on the Aboriginal flag, an act considered by some as tantamount to flag desecration.”

11143590_436213609884734_5568485342912173447_nMs Sandell’s actions caused great consternation on social media, with several Greens followers refusing to share the post until the Greens’ logo was removed from the flag.

Thankfully, the satirical Facebook page: “Greens taking credit for things” were quick off the mark, producing the humourous little meme which we have included as this article’s featured image.

This is not the first time the Greens have placed their logo somewhere it doesn’t belong. After the passing of former prime minister Gough Whitlam last year, the Greens produced this charming little meme:

The only problem being, that Gough Whitlam was never a member of the Greens, and quite likely, nor would he have wanted to be.

Ah, the Greens. Always providing us with a steady stream of chuckles.

It’s the XYZ.