The Greens – state funded activism


Personally speaking, Boethius would much prefer something like the Summernats to Mardi Gras, but even if elected to the senate for the Motoring Enthusiasts Party on 0.75% of the vote, would not presume to hit Canberra with an esky or two for the annual convention of petrol heads on the pubic purse.

imageNot so the subsidised activists of the left.  In their heyday, environmentalists sold organic coffee on the campus lawn, or asked for donations in the CBD dressed as koalas. But not any more.

Whilst complaining about political donations, but accepting the largest single such donation in Australian political history, and attempting to portray themselves as Puritans when it comes to the use of taxpayers money, it’s clear now (after the revelations involving Senator Ludlum yesterday also) that the Greens have their snouts in the entitlement trough in a big way, proving once again that there’s no hypocrite like a Green hypocrite.