Revealed: The Green dream 


Ever wondered what life would be like if groups like Greenpeace and Green political parties ever actually gained real power and were able to implement their policies? Wonder no more. This fascinating report in the UK Daily Mail provides a glimpse into life in a commune in which members live out the Green dream.

Residents grow organic crops, and spend their time making rope hammocks and tofu (of course). They share everything, including their partners, and live on an allowance well below the poverty line. Whereas most women would seem to want control of their own bodies, not so in this Green paradise. Members of the community must have permission from all should they wish to have a baby.

Founded in 1967, the community members do seem to resemble ageing hippies who have not noticed the Age of Aquarius is over. Nonetheless, they do seem very content and, apparently, there is actually a waiting list to get in.

It’s amazing how attractive a life of shared poverty can appear. But then again, it never ceases to amaze too how many seemingly sane and rational people actually vote for The Greens.

Source: Virginia commune Twin Oaks where EVERYTHING is shared but residents need permission to have a baby | Daily Mail Online